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Product Innovation and Technology Strategy

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Soft Cover | 206 pages
Published by Product Development Institute, 2009
Price: $34.95 US

How Well Defined Is Your Organization’s Innovation Strategy

Achieve dominance in the marketplace by implementing a product innovation strategy to guide your company’s product innovation efforts, investment decisions and resource allocation. World-renowned innovation experts, Dr. Robert G. Cooper and Dr. Scott J. Edgett lead you through a powerful executive framework for developing and implementing a product innovation strategy, complete with numerous examples and useful tips.

Be Strategic With Your Innovation Efforts

A product innovation strategy is the master plan that provides direction for your business’s new product development efforts and it is the essential link between these efforts and your business strategy.

The authors offer a comprehensive guide to help companies develop and implement an effective product innovation strategy. Emphasis is placed on selecting strategic arenas, developing attack plans and determining the resource commitments needed to successfully deploy your innovation strategy. This book, complete with a rich set of real-life examples, brings together the salient points of effective product innovation and strategic management to direct your innovation efforts.

Product Innovation and Technology Strategy

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Soft Cover | 206 pages
Published by Product Development Institute, 2009
Price: $34.95 US

Your Guide to Dominance in the Marketplace

  • Uncover the essential elements of a product innovation strategy and their impact
  • Learn to define objectives and identify your strategic arenas for innovation
  • Discover the critical link between portfolio management and your innovation strategy
  • Achieve high impact results by prioritizing projects with the greatest strategic alignment
  • Learn to optimize your scarce resources - focus your ideation and innovation efforts

Key Topics:

  • The critical drivers of success in product innovation
  • Key steps to develop a product innovation and technology strategy
  • How to target strategic arenas and create strategic roadmaps
  • Leveraging core competencies to develop the right attack strategy
  • Discovering the impact of effective portfolio management on business performance
  • Using strategic buckets to drive the right mix and balance of projects

A ‘Must Read’ for People in These Roles

  • Business executives responsible for leading product innovation performance results
  • Managers responsible for implementing new product/new revenue generation systems
  • Cross-functional product innovation development teams
  • Senior executives responsible for R&D resource allocation.

Responsible for innovation in your company? Order a copy for each executive!

Companies Referenced:

  • General Electric
  • ExxonMobil
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Nissan
  • Caterpillar
  • AT&T
  • Pfizer
  • Clorox
  • SC Johnson
  • American Express
  • Apple
  • Mattel
  • D. Swarovski & Co.
  • Nokia
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Air Products
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Toyota
  • 3M
  • Lego
  • Sharp
  • Chrysler
  • DuPont
  • Guinness
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Honda


Product Innovation and Technology Strategy

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Soft Cover | 206 pages
Published by Product Development Institute, 2009
Price: $34.95 US

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction – A Product Innovation Strategy for Your Business

  • The Best Strategy Ever?
  • Win the Battle, But Lose the War?
  • What is a Product Innovation Strategy?
  • Why Have a Product Innovation Strategy At All?
  • The Evidence in Support of Strategy
  • The Elements of a Product Innovation Strategy and Their Impacts
  • Wrap-Up

Chapter 2: Goals and Objectives

  • Setting Your Goals and Objectives
  • Measurement and Metrics
  • Defining a New Product
  • Setting Your Product Innovation Objectives
  • How to Set Your Business’s Product Innovation Objectives
  • Define Your Innovation Goals and Objectives: A Summary

Chapter 3: A Robust Strategic Analysis – Key to Achieving the Right Focus

  • Focus on the Right Strategic Arenas
  • Three Steps to Choosing Arenas
  • STEP 1: Strategic Analysis: Your Market, Technology and Industry
  • Be a Head’s Up Company
  • Leverage Your Core Competencies
  • Strategic Assessment –Wrap-Up

Chapter 4: Strategic Arenas – The Right Approach

  • The Hunt for Strategic Arenas
  • Selecting the Arenas: A Blow-by-Blow Illustration
  • Selecting the Right Arenas
  • The Strat-Map: Mapping the Strategic Arenas
  • Picking the Target Arenas –Wrap-Up

Chapter 5: Crafting the Winning Attack Plan

  • Developing the Attack Strategies
  • Strategy Types Based on Innovativeness
  • Strategy Based on Competitive Dimensions
  • Global versus Local Strategies
  • Multiple Strategies Under the Same Roof?
  • Chempro’s Attack Strategy
  • Deciding Your Entry Strategies
  • Open Innovation’s Role in Your Strategy
  • Winning Attack Plans: Wrap Up

Chapter 6: Resource Commitment, Deployment and Strategic Buckets

  • Optimizing Your New Product Investments
  • How Much Is Enough – Deciding the Investment Level for Your Product Innovation Effort
  • Deploying Your Development Resources: Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Using Strategic Buckets to Drive the Right Mix and Balance of Projects
  • Strategic Buckets – Wrap-Up

Chapter 7: Your Strategic Roadmaps

  • What is a Roadmap?
  • Types of Maps
  • Developing Your Strategic Product Roadmap
  • Make a Tentative Selection of Major Initiatives
  • Developing Your Technology Roadmap
  • Putting Your Product Innovation Strategy to Work
  • Strategic Roadmaps – Wrap-Up

Chapter 8: Governance – Making Your Product Innovation Strategy Work

  • Governance and Your Company
  • Barriers to Adoption
  • Who Should be Involved in Product Innovation Governance?
  • The What, Why, Who of Governance
  • Wrap-Up

Product Innovation and Technology Strategy

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Soft Cover | 206 pages
Published by Product Development Institute, 2009
Price: $34.95 US

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Product Innovation and Technology Strategy

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Soft Cover | 206 pages
Published by Product Development Institute, 2009
Price: $34.95 US

Dr. Robert G. Cooper

Robert G. Cooper is one of the most influential innovation thought-leaders in the business world today. He pioneered many groundbreaking discoveries in product innovation, including the Stage-Gate® Idea-to-Launch Process, now implemented by almost 80% of North American companies. Having spent 40 years studying the practices and pitfalls of 3000+ new product projects in thousands of companies, he has assembled the world's most comprehensive research in the field of product innovation management. His presentations and practical consulting advice have been widely applauded by corporate and business event audiences throughout the world, making him one of the most sought-after speakers.

A prolific author, Dr. Cooper has published 100+ academic articles and thirteen books, including the best-selling 'Winning at New Products', now in its 4th edition. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the Crawford Fellow from the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) and the Maurice Holland Award from the Industrial Research Institute (IRI). He is also Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Technology Management at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, and Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) at Penn State University. 

Dr. Scott J. Edgett

Scott J. Edgett is Chief Executive Officer at Stage-Gate International and is internationally recognized as one of the world's top experts in product innovation. A high-profile speaker, sought-after consultant, and executive advisor, he is the pioneer of the critical practice of new product portfolio management, and principally focuses on issues affecting innovation performance, capability and leadership. Consulting and advising some of the world's best innovators and companies among the Fortune 1000, he has extensive experience working with large multi-national clients in a variety of industries. He is credited with helping business executives and product innovation professionals successfully implement world-class product innovation programs that have generated outstanding performance results.

A co-author of eight books, including the popular 'Product Innovation & Technology Strategy', and a published author of 70+ academic articles, Dr. Edgett is a former professor at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University.