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Stage-Gate Innovation Summit 2017 will kick off the afternoon of April 5th with two workshops that are focused on different elements of integrating Lean Agile into Stage-Gate product development. Workshop enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. Delegates attending Summit 2017 can select to attend one of these as part of their registration package.

Colin Palombo Colin Palombo - April 5th - 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Innovation Framework Technologies | Managing Partner

Workshop Title: The Case for Building Agility into a Traditional Stage-Gate® Process

Workshop Abstract

The Case for Building Agility into a Traditional Stage-Gate® Process

Through the use of simulation techniques delegates will navigate a generic new product idea from conception to development through both a hybrid and traditional Stage-Gate process. This workshop is ideal for those just starting their Stage-Gate journey or contemplating building agility into an existing, traditional process. This session will provide participants with the opportunity to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each. A definite must attend for those eager to explore how adopting, adapting and integrating Agile and Stage-Gate principles to create a hybrid NPD process might solve some of the biggest innovation challenges that they are currently facing. Five important takeaways from this workshop will include:

  1. How to set-up a hybrid process from scratch
  2. How to modify a traditional Stage-Gate process to integrate the benefits of Agile
  3. Pitfalls of an Agile process and how to avoid them
  4. Implications for project leaders, project teams and gatekeepers
  5. The benefits of software automation for managing Agile, Stage-Gate projects

Speaker Biography

Colin Palombo is a co-founder and managing partner of Innovation Framework Technologies, a global innovation and NPD software and consulting firm. Colin is also a visiting Professor of Innovation at the University of Strathclyde, the UK's 2016 Business School of the Year, and a member of Abundance 360, Peter Diamandis' 250 member group of leading innovation thinkers. His perspective uniquely combines innovation best-practice with software automation and disruptive technology insight. Over the last 25 years, Colin has worked with clients in North & South America, Europe, South Korea and Japan to help them achieve successful and lasting innovation results. Colin led IFT's efforts to become the first 'Stage-Gate® Ready' certified vendor in the world, and has led Innovation Framework's Americas business since its founding in 2006.

Company Overview:

IFT provides software and consulting to help companies transform their innovation processes and results. As the company with the first software to be certified Stage-Gate® Ready, we have worked with clients in industries including: industrial products, energy, chemicals, consumer goods, high tech and life sciences to help them tailor product development best practices to their unique requirements. Our software is used by over 250 companies worldwide and 500,000 users to achieve successful results. Our solutions include: Portfolio Strategy (roadmapping, portfolio selection, VOC analysis); Front End of Innovation (idea management, insight scouting, open innovation); and Product Development (product development process, project & resource management, product lifecycle management).

Kip A. Creel Kip A. Creel - April 5th - 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
StandPoint, Inc. | President

Workshop Title:Learn Early and Learn Fast: Lean Agile VOC in the Age of Rapid Innovation

Workshop Abstract

Learn Early and Learn Fast: Lean Agile VOC in the Age of Rapid Innovation

Traditional VOC techniques, market research, or however you call it have reputations for being slow and data-heavy. Not necessarily characteristics you want in an age of rapid innovation and shrinking product lifecycles. The need for speed has turned most organizations and their application of VOC on its head. Best performers have morphed into "learning organizations" and not decision-obsessed organizations. They have mastered empathy, and know that most decisions (even in business-to-business) are filtered through emotions. They never, never, never ask users what they want or like. Agile organizations are eschewing "concept tests" and metrics like "purchase intent" and have figured out ways to get feedback on tangible things as quickly as possible. And these organizations are winning more and more with their product development efforts. Building agility into, while simultaneously leaning out, their NPD processes has created tremendous opportunities for speed, but equally new risks for product developers to identify and mitigate.

In this highly-interactive three-hour session, you will explore and gain from the following:

  • Cultural shifts in the lean agile organization from data-driven to knowledge-driven
  • Front-end of innovation models for the lean agile organization
  • Effective VOC techniques for the agile organization
  • Skills and capabilities gaps for your organization to achieve lean agile VOC
  • Broadening VOC to include VOE
  • Asking the right questions and having the right metrics
  • How to get quality of feedback vs. obsessing over quantity of feedback

Speaker Biography

Kip Creel is the President and Founder of StandPoint, an Atlanta-based agency specializing in voice-of-the-customer (VOC) studies. Over the past 10 years, StandPoint has generated impactful insights for many notable Fortune 5000 companies in consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and many other B2B markets.

Kip is also the developer of SCORE, an award-winning VOC process used by many companies in their front-end-of-innovation activities. In 2012, StandPoint was named a runner-up for the EXPLOR award, recognizing innovations in market research. Due to the success of SCORE for several of its clients, StandPoint was named a finalist for Atlanta Marketer of the Year in 2013 and the winner of Atlanta Marketer of the Year in 2014.

Company Overview:

As a VOC supplier, StandPoint enables smart product and service development decisions by bringing the customer's voice and ideas to our client's innovation process. The firm's award-winning methodology, SCORE, enables its clients to navigate the front end of innovation and rapidly fill its pipeline with concepts driven by customer input.

StandPoint also pioneered the usage of cognitive styles (the ways in which individuals receive and process information) in maximizing the effectiveness of innovation teams and the contribution of VOC participants.

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