Does your current innovation framework and NPD process allow you to effectively create and translate innovation strategy into winning new products and services? If not, our 2018 Summit needs to be in your viewfinder! Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from one of the most experienced and accomplished speaking teams ever to present at a Stage-Gate Innovation Summit.

Presenters at Stage-Gate Innovation Summit

  • Discover three critical dependencies that influence innovation success but are often overlooked
  • Hear how business leaders have changed their firm's approach to new product / service development
  • Learn how best practice Stage-Gate companies tackle "New to Them", "New to World" innovations
  • Network with Stage-Gate experts, business leaders and innovation practitioners from different industries

Here is why you should attend or send a team to our 2018 Summit!

  • Techniques, tools and tips to build innovation strategies tailored to the unique needs of your organization and ecosystem
  • Insights on business model innovation and how to identify and select the appropriate model for your new innovation/s
  • Building design and design thinking into the innovation culture of your organization
  • Designing, implementing and sustaining a high performing Stage-Gate idea-to-launch process
  • Identifying, capturing and levering value to achieve the greatest possible return for your new product or service
  • Building project and portfolio management capability to sustain innovation and a culture of innovation
  • Stage-Gate continuous improvement lessons, learning's, strategies and tactics to drive speed and focus
  • Managing innovation results while right sizing your process to seamlessly handle the demands of innovation success
  • Developing and executing product strategies in times of accelerated and extensive industry disruption
  • Pursuing and managing bold and breakthrough innovations in an ever changing landscape
  • All the above set in a highly interactive environment that will facilitate networking and the sharing of ideas and experiences

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Stage-Gate® Summits are among the most professional, well run programs available. Timely topics and the best speakers make Stage-Gate International the benchmark!

Carl Baker, Chief Compliance Officer, LabExpress International