More than just talk. Stage-Gate Innovation Summit 2018 will kick off the afternoon of April 3rd with two highly interactive workshops that will focus on what is vital to launch bold new products & services. Workshop enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. Delegates attending Summit 2018 can select to attend one of these as part of their registration package.

Kip Creel

Kip Creel

StandPoint | President & Founder

From VOC to VOE: Look Beyond the Obvious for Learning and Inspiration

Organizations thirst for new (and profitable) revenue growth.  Traditional Voice-of-Customer (VOC) techniques have served us well but have an important limitation:  innovation insights are only derived from current and prospective customers.  Their frame of reference is limited, and feedback is filtered based on what they currently know about your products or organization.  Not always the type of feedback that yields groundbreaking innovation.

In Voice-of-Ecosystem (VOE), the sources of ideas and inspiration must be expanded to include broader perspectives from supply chain partners, key opinion leaders from inside and outside of your industry, regulatory, academia, and other tangential stakeholders that can change the way you look at things.

In VOE, understanding the macroeconomic, technological, societal, and geopolitical megatrends that drive future demand is essential.  VOE also explores how a whole community of influencers and decision-makers can aid or inhibit adoption of new innovations.  As the risk of developing and launching new products increases, VOE is required earlier in the innovation process.

In this highly-interactive workshop, delegates will:

  • Learn about cultural shifts in the agile organization from data driven to knowledge driven
  • Understand the importance of the “wide angle lens” when developing your innovation roadmap
  • Practice the development of an ecosystem for a relatable product category
  • Prioritize areas in the ecosystem where there are knowledge gaps based on perceived risk or gain to the organization
  • Identify information gaps and build a strategic learning plan
  • Discuss creative approaches for including ecosystem constituents in needs identification, idea generation, and co-creation of solutions
  • Discuss how VOE could impact approaches to front-end of innovation or new product development processes

Kip Creel is the President and Founder of StandPoint, an Atlanta-based agency specializing in voice-of-the-customer (VOC) studies. Over the past 10 years, StandPoint has generated impactful insights for many notable Fortune 5000 companies in consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and many other B2B markets.

Kip is also the developer of SCORE, an award-winning VOC process used by many companies in their front-end-of-innovation activities. In 2012, StandPoint was named a runner-up for the EXPLOR award, recognizing innovations in market research. Due to the success of SCORE for several of its clients, StandPoint was named a finalist for Atlanta Marketer of the Year in 2013 and the winner of Atlanta Marketer of the Year in 2014.

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips

Stage-Gate International | Managing Director of Global Professional Development

Critical Business Acumen Skills That Drive Breakthrough Ideas From Conception to Launch . . . . Successfully!

Taking an idea from conception to launch is a daunting task that exponentially increases in complexity when dealing with new product/service ideas. This workshop will explore the strategic thinking skills required to progressively validate the merits of a new product/service given the research proven impact of execution and decision quality on launch success.

Participants will be introduced to different "game based" tools that have been proven effective for elevating business acumen underpinning effectiveness in such critical areas as analytics, strategic thinking and execution – all significant skills that underpin business acumen effectiveness and decision-making quality. During the workshop, these skills will be explored to show the role they play in the pursuit of increasing overall innovation capability within individuals, project teams and leaders.

Leave the workshop with the:

  1. Tools/techniques for identifying and developing the business acumen skills required to advance and validate a new product/service project
  2. Understanding of the evolving role and strategic impact of Innovation Ecosystem “C” Suite members on NPD launch success
  3. Eight key areas that must be simultaneously explored to progressively evolve and commercialize a new product or service idea

Michael Phillips is the Managing Director of Stage-Gate International – Global Professional Development and with his team, designs, develops and delivers a broad range of innovation process effectiveness workshops, seminars and summits around the globe. Since joining Stage-Gate International Michael has taught over 1000 participants and led 10 international innovation summits. Michael holds a BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Henley Management College in the UK.

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Wonderful event. High-energy, vigorous depth and breadth of information in each presentation. Highly recommend Summit, so glad I attended. Thank you.

- Amanda Croonquist – 3M Company