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Innovation Framework Technologies Achieves Stage-Gate® Ready Certification on New Innovation Team Agility Criteria Category


BURLINGTON, ONTARIO CANADA (March 1, 2017) - Stage-Gate International congratulates Innovation Framework Technologies (IFT) for being the first software solution provider to certify its solution, Innovation Framework version 6, on the new Innovation Team Agility category of Stage-Gate Ready certification.

The purpose of the Stage-Gate Ready Certification Program is to help companies looking to automate their Stage-Gate Processes to identify software solutions that provides them with the necessary functionality and features to achieve this. Only certified partners can display the identifying Stage-Gate Ready logo and are listed in Stage-Gate Internationa's Certified Software Directory.

Many leading businesses that are looking for the next competitive edge in innovation management are now adopting hybrid innovation models that integrate popular project management methodologies such as: Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban and Spiral Development into a Stage-Gate product innovation process. The new Stage-Gate Ready category of criteria will enable these companies to identify software solutions that can automate these popular methodologies.

In order to achieve certification in the new Stage-Gate Ready category, Innovation Team Agility, a software solution provider must first demonstrate functionality in the foundational Idea-to-Launch Management certification category. Only software that achieves both categories can demonstrate the ability to automate a hybrid process that enables innovation teams with agility, flexibility and speed. IFT's solution has successfully demonstrated this and also is fully certified in all additional optional categories: Portfolio Management, Idea Management and Innovation Strategy.

To learn more about IFT visit To learn more about the Stage-Gate Ready Certification Program, please visit or contact:

Michael Booker
Solutions Manager
Stage-Gate International

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About Innovation Framework Technologies (IFT)

IFT provides software and consulting to help companies transform their innovation processes and results. IFT was the first vendor in the world to be Stage-Gate Ready certified in 2007, is 100% certified on all mandatory and optional criteria including the emerging field of ‘agile’ product development processes. And according to industry analysts like Forrester and InfoTech, our software is the market leader in both innovation management and portfolio and project management.