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Premier Innovation Consulting Firm Stage-Gate International Launches Mexican Value Center

ANCASTER, CANADA and MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (April 20, 2015).  Global innovation management consulting firm Stage-Gate International announces the launch of its second Latin American Value Center based in Mexico City to support and accelerate the ability of Latin American businesses to capture the innovation premium.

The Mexico Region Value Center services companies in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Cuba, and complements the Andean Region Value Center based in Bogota covering Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Costa Rica. 

“This is the second pillar of our strategy to position Stage-Gate International aggressively in Latin America,” states CEO Scott Edgett.  “It is also the latest advance in our overall strategy to establish operations in key markets around the world.”

According to Edgett, "In recent years we have witnessed an acceleration of companies globally expanding their product innovation capabilities to support aggressive growth targets. This, together with the transformation of the Mexican economy, has generated an increased demand in Mexico for the robust and flexible innovation management solutions that Stage-Gate International offers."

Jorge Serrano Francisco Perea has been named Managing Director of Stage-Gate International – Mexico Region.  "The circumstances facing the Mexican economy, transformation, dynamism and opportunities of globalization have convinced me that they can be leveraged more fully by a culture of innovation, enabled by an integrated organizational capacity to consistently innovate in the market place.  The Stage-Gate® model provides for a disciplined, consistent approach that enables companies to capture the innovation premium based on a disciplined methodology, supported by proven tools and with scientific rigor.  I assume this challenge with optimism to help established businesses in the region to compete and win in their markets,” says Serrano.

“Stage-Gate International’s Innovation Performance Framework™ is the perfect vehicle to guide business leaders through their innovation journey to capture the significant valuation premium associated with an improved if not transformed capacity to innovate in the market place,” explains Serrano.  “Business leaders of Multilatinas certainly are not lacking in good ideas and strategies; however, the biggest challenge resides in executing innovation successfully.  This is where I see our team and I can make an immediate impact,” Serrano further explains. 

In addition to supporting Stage-Gate International’s global and multi-national clients with innovation operations in Latin America, the company is now more strongly positioned to support the growing number of Multilatinas looking to grow revenue and profits in global markets.  For almost 30 years, Stage-Gate International has helped companies achieve world-class performance in their innovation capabilities.  “We are excited to now be able to better service the Mexican market as we continue to expand our Latin American presence”, says Scott Edgett.   

For more information please contact:

Jorge Francisco Serrano Perea
Managing Director, Stage-Gate International – Mexico
Cell: 55 54 19 66 66 

Rebecca Colley
Senior Product Manager
Stage-Gate International
Corporate Head Office

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