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Our Story

Driving Product Innovation Performance for 30+ Years

Stage-Gate International continues to be the globally recognized and trusted brand that enables product innovation and new product portfolio management success across companies of all sizes and all industries. Discover why.

Scott J. Edgett and Robert G. Cooper’s journey to uncover successful product innovation began with their passion to understand why some new products succeeded in the marketplace while others failed. This curiosity led them to undertake numerous groundbreaking research studies to benchmark hundreds of new product launches, to determine what successful product development teams and companies were doing differently – the critical practices that separated winners from losers.

Several companies took note of these important findings and looked to Scott Edgett and Robert Cooper’s expertise to design a system to guide successful product innovation. Working with early pioneers like ExxonMobil, DuPont, Royal Bank, and Procter & Gamble, led to the development of the Stage-Gate® idea-to-launch process – the world’s most widely-implemented product innovation model today.

Scott Edgett and Robert Cooper continued their research in what makes for successful product innovation, developing methods and setting industry standards for critical topics including new product portfolio management, product innovation and technology strategy, and the Innovation Performance Framework®.

In 2000, Scott Edgett and Robert Cooper established Stage-Gate International to provide products and services to support business leaders and their companies in their pursuit to improve product innovation performance across the critical drives of product innovation: product innovation & technology strategy, new product portfolio management, Stage-Gate idea-to-launch processes, and culture and leadership.