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Systematically Creating Superior Products

Superior and differentiated products are key to in-market success. Many companies strive to develop them, very few know how to do it systematically. Innovation Expert Bernd Becker reveals how top performers approach this most important success factor of Innovation enabling them to continuously release successful products to their markets.

Innovation Strategy: Responding to New Realities

How should companies adapt their innovation strategy in these rapidly changing times? Innovation strategist Colin Palombo presents a decision tool that helps Executive teams simplify their options and reach alignment on the right path forward for innovation investment.

The Stage-Gate® Maturity Model

The Stage-Gate Innovation Performance Framework can be applied to different levels of maturity and with varying proficiency. Innovation Expert Bernd Becker discusses, in this webinar, the different levels of the Stage-Gate Maturity Model and how you can use this model to assess where you stand with Process Maturity in your company and how you can use it to build a vision for the future.

How to Govern Your Digital Development Portfolio (part 2)

Software development portfolios are becoming increasingly important for companies across all industries – to implement digital transformations of their products, services, and business processes. In part 2 of this presentation, Digital Innovation Expert Colin Palombo focuses on how Project Teams can provide the right information to help executives make the right governance and resource allocation decisions.

5 Ways to Become a High Performance Innovation Governance Team

Innovation governance is driven by the leadership team in an organization. In this webinar, Innovation Expert Bernd Becker discusses what contributes to high-performance leadership teams driving Innovation success in the market.

How to Govern Your Digital Development Portfolio - Part 1

Software development portfolios are becoming increasingly important for companies across all industries – to implement digital transformations of their products, services and business processes. Digital innovation expert Colin Palombo describes how executives can effectively govern these portfolios, focusing resources on the right priorities and balancing risk with reward.

Portfolio Metrics for Better Innovation Decisions

Working with executive teams in companies in all industries worldwide, we often encounter the desire to make Innovation Investment Decisions relevant to their business strategy and goals. This requires the right information at the right time with context. Innovation Expert Bernd Becker discusses the 5 key aspects of Portfolio Management to maximize Portfolio value and ensure execution of the Innovation Strategy.

Agile and Stage-Gate®: Getting it Right

Executives across all industries often ask us how to best integrate Agile techniques into their innovation processes. They want to drive responsiveness to rapidly changing markets and technologies, tackle hybrid digital + physical product development, and accelerate product launches. Agile Expert, Colin Palombo highlights successful approaches companies have taken to integrate Agile techniques into Stage-Gate Frameworks to achieve better innovation results.

Stage-Gate Pipeline Review: Responding Rapidly to a Changing Environment

Some leaders describe feeling overwhelmed and lacking control as the widening impact of COVID-19 sweeps across the globe. Other companies are rapid responders. They have already reviewed their innovation project pipelines to detect timely opportunities. In this webinar, Innovation Expert Bernd Becker shares how conducting a Pipeline Review can help you respond rapidly.

Feature Article: Using Stage-Gate® to Enable Digital Transformation Success

Michelle Jones, Colin Palombo and Dr. Scott Edgett

Most organizations today have at least one, if not several, ‘digital transformation’ initiatives underway. What was considered leading edge 5 years ago is fast becoming an exercise in survival with recent polls indicating that 70%+ of US based companies plan to introduce a new digital technology platform, digitize their products (i.e. physical, software, and hybrid) and/or digitize their innovation management processes. As expected, some organizations are succeeding while many are struggling. What are the successful organizations doing differently? Stage-Gate International has been helping organizations digitize their innovations and their innovation management processes for 12+ years through an open software certification program launched in 2007 called Stage-Gate® Ready (digital technologies certified by innovation experts).

This article demystifies digital transformation and explores what a successful journey looks like when you use the Stage-Gate Framework, its Innovation Maturity Model and its culture change-enabling principles to manage the three most common types of digital initiatives Read full article

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Article The Stage-Gate Model: An Overview Scott J. Edgett Discover how the Stage-Gate Model transforms the complex and chaotic endeavor of taking an idea from inception to launch into a repeatable, cross-functional approach.
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Article Best Practices in the Idea-to-Launch Process and its Governance Scott J. Edgett and Robert G. Cooper A benchmarking study reveals new product development best practices, including key insights into effective investment decision making.
Stage-Gate Agility
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Article Ten Tips for Successfully Implementing a Stage-Gate Product Innovation Process Scott J. Edgett and Michelle Jones Discover the top ten tips that have withstood the test of time as different leading organizations have designed and implemented Stage-Gate.
Article Optimizing the Stage-Gate Process: What Best Practice Companies Are Doing Robert G. Cooper, Scott J. Edgett and Elko J. Kleinschmidt Discover how to get optimal results from your innovation processes, by applying Stage-Gate thinking to discovery, fundamental research, and portfolio management.
Developing a Product Innovation and Technology Strategy for Your Business
Article Developing a Product Innovation and Technology Strategy for Your Business Scott J. Edgett and Robert G. Cooper Develop a clearly articulated Innovation Strategy and communicate it effectively to guide your innovation effort. This article provides a helpful framework.

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