Bernd BeckerBernd Becker,
Managing Partner

Stage-Gate International has proven through benchmarking research that teams perform better and faster when they leverage best practices to guide their performance, especially when those practices are packaged up for easy understanding, dissemination and application. No one does this better than Bernd Becker.

Bernd works with business and team leaders to help them do more with less by implementing proven practices in the form of tools and products for immediate application into their organizations. This diverse portfolio covers a wide range of ready-to-use products including diagnostic and benchmarking surveys, training curricula, structured team-based NPD workshops, Stage-Gate Navigator™ content packs and certification programs. Bernd is an expert in product management and leverages his 25+ years of experience leading innovation organizations and development teams to success and high productivity performance.

If you are ready to improve innovation productivity quickly with ready-to-use products, reach out to Bernd for help. Bernd also leads our Open Innovation Network. If you have a product or technology you think could bring good value to our Global Community of Stage-Gate Users, send your idea to Bernd.

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