Right Projects Right

Globally, we are 3 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, which has become both an immediate crisis and a slow moving emergency with no clear end in sight.

Most innovation managers have had some form of crisis management training throughout their career – the call to heroic action to fix a problem immediately. Then, thankfully, all returns back to regular operation. This has served many organizations well during their initial response to COVID-19.

However, how many managers have had leadership training to navigate a highly uncertain, fluid situation with no clear end in sight? This is the call for organizations to respond to rapidly changing needs: the environment, their customers and markets.

This is the leadership that businesses need now. Thankfully, innovation leaders are trained and ready to deliver on this type of leadership and many already have the framework, Stage-Gate®, that enables their organizations to step up and successfully respond to changing conditions that present opportunity – ‘selecting the right projects to pursue’. Stage-Gate also enables organizations to transform by leveraging relevant core competencies, technologies, know-how, assets and capabilities ‘to execute those projects right’. Right projects Right.

The innovation leader is the modern day hero for many organizations that are transforming their offering to meet the new demands of the changing marketplace. Learn more about this by contacting Bernd Becker at bernd.becker@stage-gate.com.

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