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Stage-Gate® Ready
Certification Program

Identify Effective Process Automation Software

Be confident that your innovation software has the functionality you need for successful product innovation. Look for vendors displaying the Stage-Gate Ready logo or encourage your current vendor to become certified Stage-Gate Ready.

Stage-Gate Ready Certification Program

The Benefit of Selecting Certified Stage-Gate Ready Software

Save Time: Reduce the time, effort, and money needed to research, view, and pre-qualify vendors. View Stage-Gate International’s shortlist of certified process automation software solutions. Ask vendors to supply their Stage-Gate Ready Report to validate and more easily differentiate between their capabilities in each of the five Stage-Gate Ready certification categories:

Foundational Category

Idea-to-Launch Process Management

Idea-to-Launch Process Management: Software solution provides the functionality necessary to automate, execute and optimize a Stage-Gate Idea-to-Launch Process.

Optional Categories

Innovation Team Agility

Innovation Team Agility: Software solution provides the functionality necessary to automate a hybrid innovation model that integrates widely implemented project management methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Spiral Development) into a Stage-Gate Idea-to-Launch Process.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management: Software solution provides the functionality necessary to execute Stage-Gate Portfolio Management. It can capture and track innovation metrics, and visualize and analyze multiple product innovation portfolios.

Idea Management

Idea Management: Software solution provides the functionality necessary to capture, store, evaluate new product ideas and route them to an appropriate Stage-Gate Idea-to-Launch Process.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy: Software solution provides the functionality necessary to visualize a Product Innovation and Technology Strategy, store templates such as roadmaps and plans, facilitate decision making, and communicate the Strategy to key stakeholders.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk: Be confident that the new innovation management software you select performs all required Stage-Gate functionality. All Stage-Gate Ready certified vendors have completed a rigorous evaluation performed by an unbiased Stage-Gate Product Innovation Expert. They have demonstrated performance on over 225 innovation-related criteria and provided user references to prove that their solution is capable of automating Stage-Gate processes and practices.

Remove the Guesswork: Ask certified vendors for their Stage-Gate Ready Report to understand how their software performs on the foundation of Idea-to-Launch Process Management, and all other categories achieved. Share this report with your IT organization to communicate your unique product innovation business requirements.

"We selected a software application that was Stage-Gate Ready Certified. It was reassuring to us to know that the world's thought leaders in Product Innovation Management, Stage-Gate International, rigorously evaluated the software application to confirm it could support our Stage-Gate best practices."

Andres Salinas, VP Process Improvement
McKessen Provider Technologies