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Leverage Stage-Gate International's global innovation management consulting services to achieve your goals and solve your toughest innovation challenges. Our 30+ years of experience, proven methodologies, and proprietary product accelerators will
take your company's innovation performance to the next level and beyond.

Innovation Performance FrameworkThe ability to increase your business value through innovation is a major contributor to your company's success. Stage-Gate International specializes in helping companies build their innovation capability by mastering the performance drivers that comprise the Innovation Performance Framework®. Each of the four components of the Framework is proven to impact innovation performance.

Collaborating with your innovation team, we apply proven practices in creative ways to help your company create sustainable value. Whether you are focusing on optimizing just one performance driver or are designing a new innovation program, our innovation consultants will help you achieve your goals and tackle your toughest challenges.

Unparalleled Services to Accelerate Success

Innovation and
Technology Strategy

Create a winning innovation strategy that supports business goals and investment decisions.

  • Innovation and Technology Strategy
  • Global and Regional Strategies
  • Corporate & Business Unit Strategies
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Innovation Capability Analysis
  • Strategic Arenas and Buckets
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Strategic Value Analysis
  • Attack Plans
  • Entry Strategies
  • Market, Product, Technology  Roadmaps


Optimize and allocate resources to maximize the value of your new product portfolio.

  • Metric Selection
  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Tactical Portfolio Optimization
  • Value Maximization Analysis
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Project Prioritization and Selection
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Resource Capacity Analysis
  • Resource Allocation
  • Portfolio Visualization
  • Portfolio Management Process

Idea-to-Launch Process:

Design and improve your company's Idea-to-Launch processes to realize success.

  • Flexible Stage-Gate Models
  • Innovation Process Optimization
  • Technology Development Process
  • Front End of Innovation
  • Open Innovation
  • Breakthrough Ideation
  • Spiral Development Techniques
  • Gate Governance Models
  • Business Process Harmonization
  • Voice of Customer Techniques
  • Scale-up and Commercialization

Culture and

Develop and advance the innovation capabilities of your organization to sustain results.

  • Innovation Performance Assessment
  • Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Implementation Services
  • Change Management
  • Sustaining Strategies
  • Cross-functional Teamwork
  • Partner Collaboration Models
  • Training and Development
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Center of Innovation Excellence
  • Outsourcing Services

Tailored Approaches to Meet Your Needs

Whether you are improving upon established innovation performance or starting fresh, we want to help. Our solution will meet your requirements and enable you to achieve your vision of success.

Innovation Maturity

Assess. Conduct an Innovation Performance Assessment to confirm strengths, uncover improvement opportunities, and understand what drives behavior in your organization today. Working with our innovation management consultants will help you define your unique requirements quickly, provide clarity, achieve alignment and build momentum for your innovation initiative.

Design. Leverage proven frameworks and evidence-based design methodologies to streamline product innovation at your company. The Innovation Performance Framework, Product Innovation Strategy, New Product Portfolio Management, Stage-Gate Model, and many more of our widely-acclaimed methodologies will be tailored by our innovation consultants to meet your company's unique requirements.

Implement. Evaluate the magnitude of change and support needed to successfully implement new innovation solutions at your organization. The quality of our proprietary implementation tools is a reflection of our 30+ years of experience helping organizations of all sizes, with varying goals to achieve rapid adoption, the first time they attempt it.

Sustain. Maintain, evolve and continuously improve the innovation capabilities of your organization to achieve new performance targets. Our innovation consultants will help your organization achieve your desired cultural shift. We also help you evolve your Innovation Program to address change in your internal and external environment to drive even higher levels of performance.

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