Stage-Gate experts tailor the Stage-Gate Model in your own image. Don’t adopt Stage-Gate Models designed for other companies.  Instead, customize it to reflect your unique company needs and create a competitive advantage. Our approach is comprehensive, facilitating critical design decisions at the Organization, Process, Function and Team levels.

Customize the Stage-Gate® Model

Areas that benefit from customization include:

  • Gate governance structure(s)
  • Global versus regional processes
  • Process type(s) and routing criteria that support your diverse project mix
  • Functional and cross-functional work streams (the best practices each function deploys)
  • Selection of key performance metrics
  • Deliverables and expectations
  • Co-development with customers and/or supply partners
  • Harmonizing Stage-Gate with other business processes (e.g. operations, Six Sigma, Lean, ISO)
  • Rapid Prototyping Methods, iterations and nomenclature
  • Project Management Methods/Hybrids (PMI, Scrum, Prince2)
  • Name of Stage-Gate systems and visualizations of it

Refresh Your Stage-Gate Model to Get Better Results

Circumstances change inside your organization and in your competitive environment that prompt the next evolution of your Stage-Gate Model. For this reason, organizations refresh their Stage-Gate Model from time-to-time to keep pace with change. Organizations also review their Models to identify and remove activities that do not add value, do not contribute to success, or have become bureaucratic over time.

Possible Internal Changes Possible External Changes
  • New leadership with a new agenda
  • Shift in competitive landscape
  • New business strategies
  • New customer needs or capabilities
  • New emphasis on innovation results
  • New supply chain offerings or capabilities
  • Different mix of project types
  • New partnerships
  • Employee turnover
  • New technology enablers
  • Improved capability of a key function
  • New performance benchmarks
  • Lessons learned from prior projects
  • Lessons learned from other industries
  • Introduction of new business practices/methodologies
  • Acquisition of new companies

Our Stage-Gate design experts can help refresh your Stage-Gate Model so it aligns with new goals or organizational changes. We develop design recommendations (to your Stage-Gate Model), and develop a Change Plan to introduce the optimized model.

Raise the Bar

Companies that excel at new product development are continuously raising the performance bar. They are always looking for new opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Some common goals:

  • Increase speed-to-market without compromising product reliability or quality
  • Reach new or elevated performance targets
  • Grow market share through innovation
  • Improve collaboration capabilities

Raise the Bar

Leverage our Stage-Gate experts to get an objective third party assessment of your new product development program and to identify areas for improvement that will have the greatest impact on your results. Our Innovation Performance Assessment can be designed to meet your goals, timeline and budget. Stage-Gate design experts take the findings from this assessment and work you with to design the improvements into your Stage-Gate Model.

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