Almatis Premium Alumina

Global Technical Director

The evolving role of R&D is leading transformation at Almatis. The Global Technical Director shares how the Stage-Gate® initiative modernized their approach to product innovation and placed a greater focus on value creation, not just technical excellence. Almatis is launching a steady stream of strategically aligned, innovative new products that deliver real impact. Part 1, Part 2


Chief Design Officer

3M’s design function provides the global enterprise with a vital competitive advantage.  The company recognizes that this approach enriches innovation and differentiation through brand experience.  In a Q&A, the Chief Design Officer shares how his role can create relevant and inspirational results for a company by focusing it on design fundamentals while designing the brand experience. More


GOH (Science Relations and Innovation Management)

BASF uses its Stage-Gate Model to create innovative chemistry for a sustainable future.  A deep knowledge of chemistry and technology and their applications and know how drive BASF’s development of sustainable solutions in environment and climate, food and nutrition, and quality of life. Discover key activities that help BASF sustain its track-record of innovation excellence. More

Abbott Nutrition

Head of Global Innovation

Abbot Nutrition conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify gaps to fill in its new product development process to further drive product and packaging innovation.  As a result, it modified its global new product development process and put a stronger emphasis on how ideas are recognized, developed, evaluated and transformed into products. More


SVP Global R&D/Quality & Regulatory

Innovation at Starbucks is driven by a company wide passion to create the ultimate coffee experience for its customers.  Starbuck’s Stage-Gate Model enables truly cross-functional and collaborative product development that draws on hundreds of partners throughout the company. More


Global Director of Sustainability

Coca Cola’s Chief Sustainability Officer determines which programs are essential to the business, as it relates to sustainability and growth.  Discover how program and portfolio management practices help Coca Cola make the right decisions at the right time to drive the business forward. More


Director of Corporate Innovation Effectiveness

Corning uses a Next Generation Stage-Gate Model to accelerate time-to-market without compromising key Stage-Gate practices.  Key to Corning’s success has been its ability to use the model effectively to guide diverse/cross-function teams and to continuously invest in fundamental research. More

CMS Bakery Products

Senior Project Manager

CSM Bakery designed and introduced a Stage-Gate Model to get faster and better at commercializing new products and to manage the number and type of products in its funnel.  Learn how CSM streamlined its new product development, improved productivity, and launched new Oven Bake products customers love.

Innovation Management Director

GOJO systematically evolves its Stage-Gate Model to continuously improve.  It has incorporated lean, business modelling, and social media to build insight and brand equity.  It has also introduced a comprehensive portfolio management system.  The Innovation Management Director shares dynamic portfolio management practices that have contributed to GOJO’s success. More


Director of Innovation

IPEX’s Director of Innovation shares insights and advice on Stage-Gate portfolio management.  Challenges include: balancing customer requests for incremental product improvements versus big, leading-edge market-oriented innovations; and tackling uncertainty. More


Director of Product Development

NOV’s Director of Product Development discusses the art and science of creating a purposeful strategy and managing the allocation of resources while addressing Stage-Gate execution issues.  He shares lessons learned that have helped NOV to grow globally. More


VP, NPD of Dental Professional Consumables

KaVo Kerr manages a portfolio of active projects, but also has a portfolio strategy for projects 3-5 years out.  This helps them overcome one of the biggest challenges in portfolio management – prioritization.  Discover how having a visible roadmap helps KaVo Kerr strategically manage its portfolio of new product, technologies and acquisition ideas. More


Director of Innovation

Boral uses its Stage-Gate Model to develop new building materials, technology platforms and commercialize supporting products. Some examples include its highly successful “new-to-world” polymer composite siding. Boral’s former Director of Innovation elaborates on her experiences managing the company’s innovation processes which included identifying new technologies, industry opportunities and partnerships. More

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