Is a division or business in your organization already creating value with its Stage-Gate Model? Have you considered leveraging the Stage-Gate Model in other areas of your organization, divisions or geographic regions?

Leverage Stage-Gate

Work with a Stage-Gate design expert to:

  • Identify specific practices at the business unit or divisional level that should be adopted throughout the organization
  • Design a corporate process and/or customized process for each entity, in your own image
  • Develop Change Management, Training and Launch Plans for Stage-Gate to support implementation success


Extend Stage-Gate Thinking to Other Business Applications

The Stage-Gate Model is the industry standard for new product development. Many companies have discovered that Stage-Gate management practices are transferable to other business applications. Some typical, successful applications of Stage-Gate include:

  • New Platform Development
  • New Process Development
  • Market-Driven New Product (or Service) Innovation
  • Customer-Driven New Product Innovation
  • Bid/No Bid Decision Process
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Grant Allocation Programs
  • Technology Transfer Program Management
  • Not-for-Profit/Association Program Management
  • Government Program Management

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