Optimizing the Stage-Gate Process: What Best Practice Companies are Doing

Robert G. Cooper, Scott J. Edgett and Elko J. Kleinschmidt

Most product developers have installed new product processes. So the question is: what’s next? What are the next set of best practices to build into the way we conceive, develop and launch new products? According to a recent PDMA study: “nearly 60 percent of the firms surveyed use some form of Stage-Gate® process for NPD. They are more likely to have moved from simpler Stage-Gate processes to more sophisticated facilitated or third generation processes…”. But other than third-generation processes, which incorporate flexibility, focus, fluid stages, fuzzy gates and facilitation, what else are leading firms doing to enhance the effectiveness of their new product process? This article reports our observations and experiences in working with a multitude of companies, and on some of the new practices they have incorporated into their new product processes.

Optimizing the Stage-Gate® Process: What Best Practice Companies are Doing - Part One

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