Ten Tips for Successfully Implementing a Stage-Gate Product Innovation Process

Scott J. Edgett and Michelle Jones

Introducing a product innovation process is a critical step in improving the ability of your organization to achieve its organic growth targets. Numerous studies point to the common fact that the winners have in place a well designed and implemented Stage-Gate process. Companies like P&G, Corning, Exxon and 3M all understand that to have a repeatable and successful product innovation program one critical ingredient is to have a solid innovation process. These organizations, and many others, also understand that to be successful you need more than just a well thought out process design. In fact that is only the starting part of the challenge as you undertake to improve what is a critical business activity. In this article we share the top ten lessons that have stood the test of time as different organizations have designed and implemented their own Stage-Gate processes.

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Ten Tips for Successfully Implementing a Stage-Gate® Product Innovation Process

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