Innovation Performance: Critical Drivers of Success

By Scott J. Edgett, Andrea Stroud and Becky Partida

Downloadable PDF | 38 Pages
Published by Stage-Gate International and APQC, 2014
Table of Contents

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Understand the complexity of product innovation and what it takes to achieve superior performance results.  In this study, world-renowned expert Dr. Scott Edgett collaborates with the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) to analyze innovation performance at 200+ companies, including some of the world’s top organizations.

This report explores performance on key product innovation metrics and the 4 drivers of innovation performance that comprise the Innovation Performance Framework®:

  • Metrics:
    • Key indicators of product innovation success
    • Current performance benchmarks
  • Product Innovation Strategy:
    • 6 proven elements that form a robust strategy that guides a product innovation program
    • The impact of company size and primary market for product development
  • Portfolio Management Process:
    • 7 traits that differentiate top, average and bottom performers
    • Key differences in portfolio ratings by geography
  • Idea-to-Launch Process:
    • 6 key attributes that drive process performance
    • 10 common warning signs of poor governance practices
  • Culture and Leadership:
    • 6 elements to emphasize to establish a strong innovation culture
    • The impact of successfully managing the human side of innovation projects