Foodservice New Product Development Process: Performance Benchmarks

By Scott J. Edgett

Downloadable PDF | 145 pages
Published by Stage-Gate International & International Foodservice Manufacturers Association, (IFMA) 2012
Table of Contents

$99.00 US

This performance benchmarking report is the ultimate resource for conducting new product development in the foodservice industry. It reports on new product development performance specific to this unique industry and isolates best practices based on data from 100+ participating foodservice companies across 55 variables.

Dr. Scott Edgett serves as subject-matter expert for this collaborative research study, providing his insights on the state of foodservice innovation. His analysis identifies what practices separate the best performing companies from the worst.

This study provides the most comprehensive guide to performance benchmarks and best practices for successful new product development within the foodservice industry. Explore these 4 key topics:

  • Metrics:
    • Foodservice industry new product development performance
    • Indicators used by companies to measure new product performance at the business and project level
    • Performance on new product development process, and gatekeeping and governance activities
  • Product Innovation Process:
    • How success correlates with a purpose-built new product development process
    • Key process characteristics that drive powerful results
    • Performance on critical pre-development activities
  • Gatekeeping and Governance:
    • The best practices for effective gatekeeping and decision-making
    • Importance of quality gate deliverables that yield Go/Kill decisions
    • The impact of gatekeeping and governance on new product development success
  • The Impact of Manufacturer and Operator Collaboration:
    • The importance of manufacturer and operator collaboration in foodservice
    • The impact of collaboration on performance
    • Collaboration practices that increase the likelihood of new product success

Included with the benchmarks is the report Product Innovation: A Common Framework for Foodservice. The report evaluates and addresses industry specific innovation issues and challenges and provides an unprecedented view into the design of a typical new product development process and practices implemented by some of the world’s largest players.

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