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How Do You Benefit with Benchmarker?

Reliably Accelerate Product Innovation Excellence

Capture the perspectives of key functions, roles, regions and multiple business units, and align your innovation stakeholders on the highest innovation improvement priorities.

Discover the Untapped Potential Of Your Organization

Accumulate performance benchmarking results from multiple business units to identify and share product innovation best practices that already exist within your organization. Benchmarker delivers insights that not only empower business unit leaders to improve their business unit performance, but also offer an aggregate view of innovation maturity.

Accelerate Targeted Improvements to Drive Better Results

Focus on activities that will drive maximum impact to your product innovation performance. Benchmarker allows you to assess your product innovation performance and receive reliable results at any time and any place. It also enables your organization to quickly target specific problems, isolate and prioritize high-value improvement opportunities, and identify strengths that should be preserved and leveraged.

Build a Case for Change

Eliminate guess-work and stimulate thought-provoking conversations with key stakeholders on the optimal path forward for your organization. Benchmarker increases your organization’s change-readiness by incorporating assessments with a high degree of stakeholder involvement. Built with the data integrity sought from a reliable benchmarking process, Benchmarker demonstrates the gap between you and top innovation performance, and provides an objective basis to confidently move improvement initiatives forward.

Leading Organizations Use Benchmarker to Improve Innovation Performance

Benchmarker has been used by thousands of leading organizations worldwide to reliably identify new ways to improve their performance. Our most recent initiatives include:

  • Large Global Manufacturing Conglomerate:  Enabled visibility into 12 business units' innovation performance and practices to establish common baseline metrics and unique business unit goals.
  • Leading Fortune 100 Food and Beverage Organization: Isolated internal ‘homegrown’ innovation practices across numerous business units so that company-wide norms & standards could be updated.
  • Medium-Sized North American Technology Company:  Captured the point of view of key stakeholders to reach alignment on strategic innovation initiative and priorities.