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What is Benchmarker?

A Profile of your Organization’s Innovation Performance

An easy-to-use and holistic assessment approach that evaluates and reports on the efficiency and effectiveness an organization’s entire product innovation program.

A Comprehensive and Inclusive Assessment Approach

Benchmarker conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s product innovation performance across proven drivers of strong and consistent new product performance. It leverages a research-based, unbiased and inclusive assessment approach that blends unique stakeholder viewpoints with fact-based, quantitative analysis of your organization’s current state of product innovation, and compares the results against top and average innovation performers.

Key Stakeholder Alignment

Benchmarker illustrates the degree of variance in participant responses within an organization or across multiple business units and outlines specific areas within your innovation program where disagreements occur. It creates an opportunity for the organization to address key stakeholder concerns on aspects of the product innovation program that should remain ‘untouched’ and those worthy of allocating scarce resources to target improvements.

Product Innovation Performance

Benchmarker evaluates how well an organization is doing at product innovation. It conducts an objective measurement of product innovation performance at both, business unit level and individual project level over clearly defined innovation-specific metrics including ‘Percentage of Profits from New Products’, and ‘Project Slip Rate’, to create a factual snapshot of product innovation performance in the organization.

Innovation Processes and Practices

Benchmarker measures the proficiency with which an organization undertakes practices identified as positive drivers of new product performance. It analyzes the efficiency and effectiveness of your innovation-critical processes, activities and decision frameworks to help your organization and/or business units identify areas of their innovation program capable of delivering consistent new product success and those in need of attention.

Innovation Maturity Framework

Benchmarker outlines the extent to which an organization implements the four drivers of consistent product innovation performance: Product Innovation and Technology Strategy, New Product Portfolio Management, Stage-Gate® Idea-to-launch process, and Culture and Leadership, that strongly predict the future innovation success of an organization. With Benchmarker, easily map your current state of innovation performance across the four proven drivers of product innovation performance and chart your optimal path to product innovation success.

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