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Why Benchmarker?

A Trusted and Reliable Assessment

Build confidence in your assessment approach by leveraging the world’s longest running, peer-reviewed research on product innovation best practices.

An Unparalleled Repository of Facts

Secure and globally-accessible, Benchmarker has helped thousands of companies improve their product innovation capabilities by providing unparalleled benchmarks to measure a company’s innovation performance, practices, and processes. Benchmarker’s database of new product development projects incorporates research conducted with some of the world’s top performing companies including thousands of leading companies around the globe.

Research and Analysis

With your data kept secure and responses confidential, Benchmarker analyzes your product innovation program effectiveness across 100+ research-proven factors associated with successful product innovation performance to provide a point of reference for your organization to target valuable improvements. These research proven factors are the result of the world’s longest running, widely cited and peer-validated research on innovation best practices.

Impactful and Actionable Executive Report

Benchmarker summarizes your results into an actionable and intuitive executive report of your organization’s product innovation performance with easy-to-interpret results. Each report includes 40+ charts, visual interpretations, statistical comparisons and explanations, and tips on how to leverage your benchmarking results – perfectly appealing to the needs, interests, and preferences of a diverse set of senior executives and stakeholders.

Professional Debrief

For organizations wishing to engage in a rich dialogue or application of benchmarking results, Benchmarker offers an optional executive debrief led by product innovation expert Dr. Scott J. Edgett, or an experienced consultant from our Global Consulting Services team. Take advantage of an expert interpretation of you benchmarking results and facilitated discussion with key stakeholders to build consensus among your group on the best way forward for your company.

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