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How Do You Benefit with SG Navigator?

Improve New Product Success Rates

Overcome typical obstacles encountered when turning your product innovation process into a fast, disciplined, and effective system. Increase the adoption of your Stage-Gate process and drive winning new products to market, faster.

Accelerate Your Stage-Gate Implementation

SG Navigator is a best-in-class product innovation process that saves you both time and money. This ready-to-use toolkit starts your company off with a complete world-class Stage-Gate® process model, a robust just-in-time new product development learning guide, and a complete set of customizable templates and tools. Eliminate false starts, and hit the ground running with your new product development program.

Empower your People to Deliver High Quality Performance

SG Navigator empowers all cross-functional players to actively participate in the new product development process and deliver high-quality performance. The best practices and proprietary methods clarify roles and expectations for all involved, and ensures that teams can contribute effectively and efficiently. SG Navigator is the complete framework for accelerated product innovation, giving you the tools to achieve repeatable success.

Enable Practices that Drive Success

With its purpose-built world-class design, SG Navigator ensures predictable results by improving the quality and consistency of your new product development projects. SG Navigator is fully customizable to meet your company's needs, increasing long-term adoption and driving product innovation results. Introduce SG Navigator as the catalyst to enhance your company's new product development practices.