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SG Navigator™: A Complete Solution

Accelerate All Types of Innovation

SG Navigator comes in three specialized editions to address your distinct product innovation needs. Whether you develop new products, new services, or new technologies, SG Navigator accelerates implementation of a high-quality Stage-Gate process.

Developing New Products

Developing New Products

SG Navigator enables the effective coordination of proven high-impact activities across several key functions, including: technical design, engineering, marketing, business, operations, brand and product management, manufacturing, and business development. It includes templates and guides to undertake voice of customer research, upfront activities, and create a sharp and early product definition that provides a clear and common understanding of the product being developed. Leverage SG Navigator to align your project teams, and place emphasis on the key commercialization activities critical to the development of new business-to-business or business-to-consumer products.

“We implemented a Stage-Gate Innovation Process with SG Navigator™ and in a very short time it made a very big difference.”

Carla Miller,
Owens Corning

Developing New Services

Developing New Services

Developing new services, or products coupled with services, introduces additional complexities to the development process. SG Navigator: Service Edition includes proprietary tools, templates, and frameworks to tackle the intangible and perishable nature of new services, and the challenges of combining them together. The Customer Service Experience Model guides service development ensuring the four key elements of technology, people, operations, and facilities are integrated, and product & service development activities are carefully and seamlessly sequenced.

“We implemented SG Navigator to bring some order to an otherwise very chaotic new product development process.”

Michael Sagan, Director of Product Development
Empire Level

Developing New Technologies

Developing New Technologies

Apply the same widely-implemented principles and practices of the Stage-Gate model to Technology Development projects with SG Navigator: Technology Edition. Though vital for the growth of your business, Technology Development projects bring risk and uncertainty. Proprietary tools including the Technology Development Case, Research Report, Applications Pathway, and specialized scorecards help assess processes and technologies, and bring the needed balance between structure and flexibiltiy for these highly risky projects.

"SG Navigator is the perfect tool for our needs and is additionally good because we can modify it to suit our future needs as and when they change. A BIG THANKS from the entire SCION team!"

Alex Chambers, Director
Scion Research

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