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What is SG Navigator?

A Best Practice to Accelerate Stage-Gate®

SG Navigator is an impressive collection of best-practices, methods, guides, procedures, criteria, forms and templates built on three decades of product innovation research and implementation experience with hundreds of companies.

"Merely having a formal new product development process in place has no impact whatsoever; it is the nature of the process – the ingredients built in and the conscientious implementation of the process that makes all the difference".

Robert G. Cooper
World-renowned Innovation Expert

A Best Practice Guide to Product Innovation

SG Navigator integrates 200+ best practices of Stage-Gate® product innovation process design, and is complete with 5-stage and 3-stage process designs to guide all types of product innovation. Including a comprehensive just-in-time learning module with tips from new product development experts Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett, SG Navigator brings proprietary methods and guides to quickly and efficiently develop winning new products and services.

A Flexible Operational Framework

With its intuitive graphical design and navigation, SG Navigator simplifies the complexities and unpredictabilities of product innovation. SG Navigator takes product development teams through each stage and gate and provides clarity on roles, responsibilities, and types of information required to effectively launch products. In popular MS Office formats, SG Navigator requires no installation or IT maintenance, and serves as the ideal blue-print when you are ready to automate.

User-Friendly and Easy-to-Use Tools

Built with 50+ templates, proprietary methods, and illustrations, SG Navigator allows project teams to easily analyze, organize, and present relevant project information. SG Navigator also includes proven scorecards and decision-making methods provides decision-makers with powerful tools to accelerate project screening, project prioritization, and secure alignment on key new product project decisions.