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Drivers of Innovation Performance

Innovation Framework™

The Innovation Performance Framework®

Can an organization transform itself to become a new products success story, launching profitable new products repeatedly and consistently? Absolutely. And we know how top performing companies master this critical practice. The Innovation Performance Framework® is the practical executive framework trusted by industry to enable organization-wide product innovation excellence.

The framework focuses your attention and efforts on what matters most, the 4 proven drivers of new product performance: A Product Innovation & Technology Strategy, New Product Portfolio
Management, A Stage-Gate® idea-to-launch process, and Culture & Leadership for Innovation.

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Articles, Resources, and Tools

People: A Key to Innovation Capability

Scott J. Edgett

Scott Edgett explains that no matter how much money a company invests, or how efficient it makes its internal processes, the companies that are the most successful at innovation are those that invest significant time, effort and money in people. He also examines the impact of good team management and organization.

Innovation: A Critical Capability

Scott J. Edgett

Scott  Edgett describes how the first step an organization should undertake to improve its innovation capabilities is to understand its strengths and where  improvements are needed.  This ability gives organizations the advantage to increase business value through innovation.

Drivers of Innovation Performance - Infographic


Based on collaborative research conducted by Scott Edgett and the APQC, this infographic captures the key drivers of innovation performance.  Learn what has the greatest impact on innovation success and where companies can stand to improve.

Innovation Success and Profits Rates - Infographic


This downloadable infographic visualizes industry benchmarks for innovation success and profitability. The data is taken from the most recent collaborative research study conducted by Scott Edgett and the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) .

The Innovation Dilemma: How to Innovate When the Market Is Mature

Robert G. Cooper

One of the most successful strategies for businesses facing mature markets is to focus on generating breakthrough new products. In this article, new product development pioneer Robert Cooper walks through five critical components needed to undertake the type of product innovation that yields bolder and more imaginative products.

Three Strategies that Produce Immediate Results

Scott J. Edgett

In times of economic uncertainty, many companies resort to stretching scarce resources. In this article, Scott Edgett provides three practical ways executives can deliver immediate results even within tight budgets, and continue to create profitable new products that deliver what customers want.

Launch Game-Changing New Products with Next-Generation Stage-Gate®

Robert G. Cooper

What is the best way for companies to fill their portfolios with breakthrough new product projects? Robert Cooper provides a multi-faceted solution: feeding your innovation funnel with great new product ideas, and introducing a Next Generation Stage-Gate® process to efficiently and rapidly move new product projects from idea to launch.

Creating Bold Innovation in Mature Markets

Robert G. Cooper

Many established businesses face increased pressures from shareholders to create steady streams of major, profitable new products. Robert Cooper uncovers top innovators' practices that your company can emulate to create differentiated, game-changing products, services, and solutions, and create growth in mature, commoditized markets.

How to Innovate in a Flat Market

Robert G. Cooper

Robert Cooper highlights how companies like P&G, Barnes & Noble, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have used breakthrough products, services, and solutions to create growth engines for the business. He describes five critical components of increased new product sales and profit performance and innovation productivity in flat markets.

Winning at New Products: Pathways to Profitable Innovation

Robert G. Cooper

What is the key to successful product innovation? Cooper provides the answer in this article. Discover the Innovation Performance Framework® : a disciplined, systematic approach that targets 4 proven drivers of top new product development performance.

NPD Practices: The Dark Side of Time and Time Metrics in Product Innovation

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

When it comes to new product development performance measurement, companies too often focus on short-term profitability, or time-to-market. Experts Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett present two solutions that innovation managers can use to deal with the twin pressures of time and time metrics, while positively impacting product development.