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New Product Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Can an organization increase its total return on product innovation investment by decreasing or changing the mix and number of projects underway? Absolutely!  And we know how top performing companies master this critical practice.

Organizations initiate new product projects with intentions to launch them into the market as quickly and profitably as possible. The benefits of achieving speed-to-market are impressive. You delight and retain your customers, you realize new revenue streams sooner, and in-market surprises that can derail projects are less likely to occur when timelines are shorter. Unfortunately, for organizations with numerous projects underway at any given time, competing initiatives, politics and resource shortages sabotage best intentions.

New product portfolio management is a proven practice designed to get leadership involved in monitoring the execution of their product innovation strategy, prioritizing projects and optimizing how cross-functional NPD resources and assets are deployed. Innovation subject matter experts, Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett outline an elegant, proven approach to a somewhat chaotic process.

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Articles, Resources, and Tools

Where Are All the Breakthrough New Products?

Dr. Robert G. Cooper

Portfolios have become increasingly abundant in small, low hanging-fruit projects. The cause has been a growing reliance on financial approaches to make go/kill decisions. Robert Cooper recommends a different toolsets to assess high-risk breakthrough initiatives to foster breakthrough new products.

Using Portfolio Management to Boost Innovation

Dr. Robert G. Cooper

Most businesses’ development portfolios have far too many projects, and often the wrong ones. Over the last 15 years, portfolios have drifted from moderately balanced to a huge imbalance, with far too many small projects and few major or breakthrough initiatives. Robert Cooper discuss how company can use portfolio management to boost innovation.

10 Ways to Make Better Portfolio and Project Management Selection Decisions

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Picking the right portfolio of new product development investments can help you achieve more bang for your buck. Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett uncover ten of the best practices in new product portfolio management, and provide management teams with practical guidance to selecting winning new product projects.

Your NPD Portfolio May be Harmful to Your Business’s Health

Robert G. Cooper

Many companies have seen their new-product sales and profits decrease over the years. The reason: undertaking fewer “new-to-world” or true innovations. Innovation expert Robert Cooper examines why this is harmful to your company, and provides easy-to-implement recommendations to achieve a profitable portfolio of new product projects

Portfolio Management: Fundamental for New Product Success

Robert G. Cooper, Scott J. Edgett, and Elko J. Kleinschmidt

What is the most effective way to invest your R&D and new product resources? This article reveals two different approaches to portfolio management and presents a number of tools that will help you select projects and visualize your portfolios of new product projects.

Portfolio Management for New Products: Picking the Winners

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Is reviewing your portfolio of new product projects a critical practice in your company? Subject-matter experts Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett explain why this practice is vital to your organization’s success, and describe four goals for new product portfolio management and their impact on maximizing profits from your R&D investments.

Portfolio Management for New Product Development: Results of an Industry Practices Study

Robert G. Cooper, Scott J. Edgett, and Elko J. Kleinschmidt

How do companies choose which projects to invest in and launch in the market? From a groundbreaking study of Industrial Research Institute members in 2001, subject-matter experts Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett discover the best practices in portfolio management, and explore the tools companies use to prioritize projects.

New Problems, New Solutions: Making Portfolio Management More Effective

Robert G. Cooper, Scott J. Edgett, and Elko J. Kleinschmidt

Are you doing the right projects and allocating capital and people resources effectively? The authors provide a four step plan to help executives maximize the value of their new product development pipeline, optimize their new product development resources, and select the most profitable new product projects.

Overcoming the Current Crunch in NPD Resources

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Does your company suffer from a shortage of new product development resources for the number of projects you currently have underway? Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett offer strategic and tactical solutions to help companies move forward with high-value new product development projects and overcome the resource challenges they face.