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Can an organization dramatically improve the quality, speed, and profitability of their new product projects while driving down the risk of failure? Absolutely. And we know how top performing companies master this critical practice.

The Stage-Gate® idea-to-launch model is the industry standard for managing new product innovation excellence. The ground-breaking, widely-implemented process expertly integrates numerous performance-driving practices into an easy-to-understand recipe for success. Its robust design engages users of all decision-levels and functions, enabling quality execution, timely Go/Kill decisions, alignment and speed. The result: superior products reaching markets faster and generating better profits.

Whether you are launching game-changing technologies and products that alter competitive landscapes and create new markets, introducing new-to-company products to generate new revenue streams, or defending market share by releasing improved versions of products, adopting the Stage-Gate model improves performance and reduces your risk of failure.

Product innovation experts and creators of the Stage-Gate model, Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett, provide an introductory overview.

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Evolving the Way You Innovate - Part 1

Scott J. Edgett and Michelle Jones

Agility, front-end vitality, customer centricity, collaboration and gate governance are five high-impact approaches that top performing companies are using to evolve their idea-to-launch innovation processes in order to strengthen their innovation capability.

7 Benefits of an Authentic Stage-Gate® Model - Infographic

Stage-Gate is a value-creating business process and risk model. It is designed to quickly and profitably transform an organization’s best new ideas into winning new products. Discover seven benefits enjoyed by companies that execute product innovation using an authentic Stage-Gate model.

Best Practices in the Idea-to-Launch Process and Its Governance

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

What elements of a best-in-class idea-to-launch system really make a difference? In this article, Scott Edgett explores the latest cross-industry new product development benchmarks. Compare your company against the performance of 211 businesses and uncover the key idea-to-launch process practices that drive top results.

Pursing Successful New Product Development Project Execution with Confidence

Ken Huskins

Increasingly, organizations are committing to innovation as the principle driver of profitable revenue growth. This mandate is prominent in their annual reports and news releases. It is easy to talk about new product development; successfully executing it is not! In this article, Dr. Ken Huskins shares five tips to implement a new or redesigned Idea-to-Launch process with staying power.

5 Tips for Effective Gates - Infographic

Gates are the quality control checkpoints in a Stage-Gate® idea-to-launch process. Holding effective gate decision meetings is critical to ensure that the "right projects are done and that they are done right". This infographic highlights 5 gate practices implemented at top performing companies.

Ten Tips for Successfully Implementing a Stage-Gate® Product Innovation Process

Scott J. Edgett and Michelle Jones

Product innovation is a value-add activity that helps companies achieve strategic growth goals. Introducing it into your organization is more about leading change, culture, and behaviors than it is about managing new product development. Discover 10 tips that can improve adoption of your Stage-Gate® process, and turn new product development into a competitive advantage.

What’s Next? After Stage-Gate

Robert G. Cooper

What are leading firms doing to move beyond their current innovation processes? This article looks at new approaches emerging from progressive companies that represent a new generation of the Stage-Gate® idea-to-launch model.

Foodservice New Product Benchmarks

Scott J. Edgett and Devon Gerchar

What does success look like in foodservice product innovation? Innovation expert Scott Edgett uncovers the results of a benchmarking study of 106 foodservice manufacturers, and explores the leading metrics for measuring innovation performance, the impact of a systematic product innovation process, and the importance of collaboration in new product development.

Foodservice New Product Development's Best Practices

Michelle Jones and Devon Gerchar

In foodservice, success in new product development is the result of the execution of a series of best practices. In this article, Michelle Jones highlights three specific practices that our recent research study highlighted as critical, and explores their contribution to improving product innovation performance and results.

Bold Innovation: From Breakthrough Ideas to Game-Changing New Products

Featuring Robert G. Cooper

Developing bold innovations and launching game-changing products requires a unique approach to the idea-to-launch process. In this interview, innovation management expert Robert Cooper explains how to source and nurture bold new product ideas, and what executives can do to develop bigger and bolder new products.

How to Simplify New Product Development

Michelle Jones

Developing new products is one of the most complex business processes a company can manage. Discover three ways you can simplify this complex, value-creation business process without compromising its power.

Stage-Gate® and Agile Development: Debunking the Myths

Robert G. Cooper

Can Stage-Gate® be used for software development? Can Agile be used to develop physical products? Robert Cooper explores the differences between Stage-Gate® and Agile development, and outlines how product development teams can manage projects more effectively by integrating the two methodologies.

Product Development: Capture Your Lessons Learned

Scott J. Edgett

Efficient organizations review projects, learn from their mistakes, and share knowledge to improve performance. In this article, Edgett shares how three companies use Post-Launch Reviews to improve their processes, and increase their knowledge-sharing capabilities.

Latest Research: New Product Success, Failure and Kill Rates

Scott J. Edgett

In this cross-industry analysis of 257 business, Scott Edgett uncovers the latest new product success, failure, and kill rates, and explains why top performers are successful. Quickly benchmark your organization’s performance and compare yourself against some of the world’s top performing innovators.

Communicate Your Stage-Gate® Process for Better Results

Michelle Jones

If your goal is to create a sustainable capability to launch winning new products, master two critical steps: design and implement a high-quality Stage-Gate process. Michelle Jones offers five ways to organize, communicate, and implement your Stage-Gate process design to make product innovation a competitive advantage within your company.

Fast and Delighting - OMICRON’s Way of New Product Development

Robert G. Cooper and Angelika Dreher

Robert Cooper and Angelika Dreher explain how they designed and implemented a world-class Stage-Gate® process at OMICRON, a global innovator in the electrical power and diagnostics industry. Discover how they approached this initiative and five key factors for why it was so successful.

Do You Have A Chief Champion of Change?

Michelle Jones

Your innovation process should be constantly evolving to meet the strategic business goals of your company. Michelle Jones provides 5 tips for process owners to effectively champion innovation change within their organization.

Accelerate Your Best Projects

Robert G. Cooper

Perhaps the greatest challenge that Stage-Gate® users face is making the gates work. Discover if your gates are suffering from two killer symptoms that allow too many projects to pass through your process, and identify how you can remedy the situation.

What Leading Companies are Doing to Re-Invent Their NPD Processes

Robert G. Cooper

Leading companies are continually evolving their idea-to-launch process to incorporate newer innovation practices while remaining lean. World-renowned author and innovation expert Robert Cooper explains what many of these firms are doing well, most notably incorporating better governance practices.

Ideation for Product Innovation: What are the Best Methods?

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Where do breakthrough new product ideas come from? How can companies harness these great ideas? Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett compare different ideation methods and identify which are the most effective to feed your innovation process.

Maximizing Productivity in Product Innovation

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Companies are always looking to improve productivity and get “more bang for the buck”. Cooper and Edgett explore what top performers are doing to increase new product development productivity, remove waste, and achieve leaner, quicker idea-to-launch processes.

The Important Role of the New Product Development Process Manager

Michelle Jones

Does your Process Manager guide your new product projects so they are executed effectively? Michelle Jones explores five key roles that the New Product Development Process Manager plays, and explains how each role contributes to the success of your new product development efforts.

Next-Generation Stage-Gate®: Seven Principles to Accelerate Your Process

Robert G. Cooper

New product development productivity is down. What is the root cause? New product development industry thought-leader Robert Cooper explains why companies are not producing blockbuster products, and provides a multi-faceted solution to help companies introduce higher-value projects while maintaining some resources for low-hanging fruit type of projects.

Managing Technology Development Projects

Robert G. Cooper

Technology Development projects lay the foundation for a steady stream of new products and process revenue. Robert Cooper explores why they are becoming increasingly rare in companies today. Learn how to revive them and improve how they are executed through a unique Technology Development Stage-Gate® process.

Formula for Success in New Product Development

Robert G. Cooper

With Stage-Gate® now a part of many organizations’ internal business processes, what can companies do to boost its new product development productivity? Robert Cooper reveals 7 principles that best-performers have followed, and 6 elements that you can build into your new product development program.

Optimizing The Stage-Gate® Process: What Best Practice Companies are Doing - Part 1

Robert G. Cooper, Scott J. Edgett, and Elko J. Kleinschmidt

In Part 1 of a two-part series, the authors explore their experiences working with a diverse group and large number of firms across many industries, and uncover the next set of best practices in the idea-to-launch process. Discover the impact of critical front-end activities and 7 tactics to generate new product ideas.

Benchmarking Best Practices: Performance Results and the Role of Senior Management

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Senior management must lead the way in new product development by providing both the leadership and commitment of the necessary resources. Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett provide a cross-industry analysis of 105 businesses and explore eight key senior management characteristics that separate top performing companies from the rest.