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Do You Have A Chief Champion of Change?

Michelle Jones


Innovation and change are inextricably linked, though the processes involved in each will be markedly different, sometimes calling for different leadership skills. Being the owner of the innovation process isn’t always enough, so consider one question carefully: Do you have a chief champion of change? Among the many important roles the product innovation process owner plays, Chief Champion of Change is one of the most underrated yet most relevant roles of them all. Why? Simply put, apathy is the kiss of death in the business of product innovation. Implementing an innovation process is not something you learn and implement only once. It is a continuous evolution of practices, skills, behaviors and ideas that grow and change as the people and the organization using them also grow and change. Still, many organizations are genuinely surprised when they discover that the static process they put into their dynamic environment has become problematic – complaints, slow adoption rate, poor results.