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Can an organization derive more value from its product innovation efforts simply by clarifying how their new product and technology development plans are linked to the company’s business strategy? Absolutely! And we know how top performing companies master this critical practice.

Organizations rely on new products, technologies, and platforms to create customer value, grow market share, enter new markets, increase profitability, and even alter market and competitive landscapes. Product innovation is a critical enabler in a competitive marketplace. Therefore, the ability to prioritize and focus on the right development projects is at the very heart of a successful product innovation program.

The power to propel your product innovation results to the next performance level is 6 practical steps away – when you use this proven framework outlined by new product development experts Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett.

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Articles, Resources, and Tools

Developing a Product Innovation and Technology Strategy for Your Business

Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Clarifying the Product Innovation & Technology Strategy can make a significant impact on your new product performance. Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett share a framework that guides management teams to more quickly and easily align innovation efforts to support the overall business strategy.

Changing Times – Changing Needs

Scott J. Edgett

Innovation expert Scott Edgett uncovers 8 critical tactics deployed by leading companies during budget belt-tightening economies. Edgett discusses how these organizations handle the pressures of getting more new products to market faster while dealing with fewer resources and smaller budgets.

The Innovation Challenge for Executives

Scott J. Edgett

Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to get innovation right, while others struggle? Discover what needs to be in place to build capabilities in innovation and put your company on course for continuous success.

How New Product Strategies Impact on Performance

Robert G. Cooper

A successful new product program does not happen by chance. Innovation performance is closely tied to the type of strategy the firm chooses. Robert Cooper highlights three ways of measuring product innovation performance, and offers three product innovation strategies that strongly link to success.