Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory is one of the world’s leading premium spirits companies.

Business Goal: Speed-to-Market

Design Challenge: Modify the existing, successful, Stage-Gate framework into a hybrid with Agile techniques.

Solution: Adapt lean, agile and scrum tools and practices for use in the existing successful Stage-Gate framework.

Design Lab | Beam Suntory

Procter & Gamble Logo

The world’s largest consumer goods company and home to iconic, trusted brands.

Business Goals: Growth and profitability

Design Challenge: Connecting project selection to strategy

Solution:  P&G Initiatives Diamond (modeled on SGI’s IPF) was introduced to serve as a guide for each business’s product innovation effort.

Design Lab | Procter & Gamble


PepsiCo Inc. is a global food and beverage leader.

Business Goal: Growth from New Products

Design Challenge: A complex global organization with multiple business units, sectors, product lines and brands.

Solution: One common Stage-Gate Model, flexibly applied to global and sector-led collaborative projects.

Design Lab | Pepsico


SABMiller plc is a multinational brewing and beverage company.

Business Goal: Shift from Local to Glocal

Design Challenge:  One Global process with flexibility for local modification lifecycle projects.

Solution: Intensive process for high risk corporate projects; less intensive process for local brand lifecycle projects.

Design Lab | SABMiller


The world’s leading provider of precision-cut crystal.

Business Goal: Market Share

Design Challenge: Create a harmonized process that integrates Stage-Gate discipline with creative ideation.

Solution: A hybrid process that leverages open innovation techniques at the front end while maintaining rigorous gates.

Design Lab | Swarovski


A global technology company that delivers innovative solutions to everyday needs.

Business Goal: Customer Collaboration

Design Challenge: Strengthen 3M’s iterative customer engagements throughout the NPI Stage-Gate Process.

Solution:  Incorporate spiral engagement into each Stage to collaborate more closely with customers.

Design Lab | 3M

KaVo Kerr

KaVo Kerr serves the dental community as a total solution provider.

Business Goal:  Project prioritization across the product lifecycle.

Design Challenge: Evaluating and prioritizing a diverse portfolio of new technology, new product, and sustaining projects.

Solution: Customized gate criteria to align with each project type to increase speed-to-market across the full portfolio.

Design Lab | KaVo Kerr


The leading foodservice trade association of food, equipment and supply manufacturers.

Business Goal: NPD Supply Chain Speed-to-Market

Design Challenge: A unique Stage-Gate process to guide diverse partner collaborations.

Solution: Create a Center of Innovation Excellence to reflect the industry’s best Stage-Gate practices.

Design Lab | IFMA

Propane Council

A check-off program established, operated, and funded by the propane industry.

Business Goal: Introduce a management model to drive high impact commercialization.

Design Challenge: Apply Stage-Gate to govern an innovation investment portfolio executed entirely by 3rd party contractors.

Solution: An open Stage-Gate Model to govern internal and external partner collaboration and PERC’S investment portfolio.

Design Lab | Propane Council

ICOM Information & Communications is the North American leader in targeted marketing strategies and services.

Business Goal: Growth

Design Challenge: Accelerate growth in an SME with a new innovation team and strategy.

Solution: A simplified Stage-Gate roadmap tailored to accelerate ICOM’s new innovation strategy.

Design Lab | ICOM

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