The Stage-Gate® Model is a value-creating business process that, when applied effectively, drives the development and launch of a steady stream of successful new products. It is considered the ‘industry standard’ and is the world’s most widely benchmarked, referenced and implemented innovation management model. Its adoption across numerous industries and by companies of all sizes has resulted in one of the world’s largest bodies of product innovation knowledge.

Commercial Success Rate of Top Performing Businesses Using Stage-Gate

Hallmarks of an Authentic Stage-Gate® Model

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The Stage-Gate Model is Proven to Impact Results

The Stage-Gate Model Impacts Results

Benefits of Using a Stage-Gate Model for New Product Development

  • Better in-market success (new product sales and profits)
  • Better in-company project success (project speed, scoping, and budget)
  • Greater portfolio visibility enabling better governance agility
  • Improved in-company cross-functional team collaboration
  • Improved collaboration with external development partners

Stage-Gate Nurtures a High-Impact, Balanced Innovation Culture

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  • Innovation as a strategic business activity that creates real value
  • Serendipitous, ad hoc, unplanned innovation
  • Dynamic selection of projects from a robust portfolio of choices
  • Annual, calendarized, static project list (i.e. Waterfall Method)
  • Retention of organizational learning in a purpose-built innovation process
  • Starting each project from scratch each time
  • Right-sizing process rigor to project risk
  • Bureaucratic, one-size-fits-all, rigid procedural requirements
  • A steady flow of continuous innovation
  • Random innovation
  • All functional capabilities are respected and integrated
  • One functional approach dominates
  • Fact-based project and portfolio decision-making
  • Emotional, unstructured decision-making

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