Operational Idea-to-Launch Roadmaps apply the value-adding functional and cross-functional activities in the Stage-Gate sequence proven to drive the best in-market success.

Practical Worksheets guide the seamless integration of three key developments: Product (develop a winning product), Project (maximize team effectiveness) and Business (maximize business impact).

Operational Idea-to-Launch RoadmapsSource: Stage-Gate Navigator™

Executive Summary Gate Deliverable TemplatesSource: Stage-Gate Navigator™

Executive Summary Gate Deliverable Templates facilitate robust investment evaluations and rich alignment discussions that engage senior managers during Gates.

Genuine Gate Meeting Formats guide focused, objective, fact-based decision making, project prioritization and resource allocation.

Purpose-Built Design emphasizes speed through rapid and informed decision making at the business, project and product levels:

  • Go/Kill Gate decisions
  • Cross-functional collaboration and trade-off decisions
  • Rapid product prototyping and definition iterations

Purpose-Built Design
Source: Stage-Gate Navigator™

Stage-Gate Navigator Examples
Source: Stage-Gate Navigator™

Examples bring life to the worksheets and templates by setting quality expectations.

Process Learnings Feedback Loop captures valuable process improvement ideas one Post Launch Review retrospective at a time, so the organization can benefit from the retained learnings in Stage-Gate Navigator.

The many ways companies use Stage-Gate Navigator™

  • Guide product development projects that are aligned to the business strategy, but are new to the company
  • Apply the best practice model to an important project(s) to increase the likelihood of market success
  • Apply it to an active project(s) to determine/validate the appropriate amount of process rigor to apply given the project’s risk assessment
  • Use it to guide a Product Development Process Design Initiative to align multiple units using different product development processes into one common, robust and flexible Stage-Gate Model
  • Reference the numerous best practices to troubleshoot project challenges
  • Accelerate the configuration of your software application with a high quality Stage-Gate Process blueprint

Benefits of using Stage-Gate Navigator™

  • Improve the quality and execution of all product development projects immediately
  • Respect and coordinate all functions effectively by using the unbiased Stage-Gate Model (opposed to forcing all functions to adopt another function’s development method)
  • Save time, money and effort by overcoming typical obstacles faced when trying to transform your innovation process into a fast effective new product development process
“This product codifies the art of developing new products in a practical, consistent but flexible approach for any type of project that we work on.”

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