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Team Training

Teams Stepping Up and Performing

Improve team performance and accelerate your results by bringing timely and relevant product innovation training directly to them.

A High-Performance Team

Whether you are implementing a new company-wide innovation management  program or working on a critical new product development project, leading and executing product innovation initiatives are among the most demanding projects a team can carry out. Equip your product innovation team with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to complete their mission-critical initiative and achieve results.

Immediately Address Any Critical Innovation Topic

Take advantage of our popular, highly-interactive, pre-packaged single and two-day training programs so you can accelerate team performance immediately:

A High Performance Team

Experienced Trainers Enabling Your Team

Experienced Trainers Enabling Your Team

Benefit from trainers that expertly blend a rich history of industry experience, product innovation knowledge, and facilitation techniques to achieve your objectives. Training events are highly interactive, combining the world’s most effective innovation concepts with a participant-centered learning model. Undertaking this training on-site allows for your specific opportunities and challenges to be focused upon.

“The training (Stage-Gate International) delivered at our company was great! The facilitated interaction and discussion was excellent and the numerous ‘real-company’ examples were extremely helpful.”

Dave Mirth
VP of Innovation ISB, Owens Corning

Which One of Your Teams Will You Develop Next?

Learn more about how our product innovation training can provide your teams with the tools they need to make an immediate impact on the initiatives and objectives most critical to the success of your business.