Stage-Gate International’s philosophy starts with you, the client. We take pride in developing uniquely tailored innovation management frameworks that bring out the full potential of our clients. Clients are carefully guided through a collaborative, step-by-step approach and support is never more than a phone call away.

Let us help you plan your journey.
Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

  1. Initiate a complimentary consultation
    • Describe to us what you are trying to achieve.
  1. A Client Solution Specialist will contact you to schedule the initial phone call.
  1. Over the course of 1 to 2 teleconference calls we will collaborate with you to:
    • Understand your unique needs, goals, challenges and optimal future state.
    • Provide a variety of options and approaches for you to choose from.
    • Develop rapid iterations of what your engagement could look like.
    • Select the appropriate mix of products, consulting services, and training for your organization.
    • Create a visual document of your engagement that you can share internally.
    • Pair you with the best Stage-Gate Expert(s) for your organization and goals.
  1. If you choose to work with Stage-Gate International, your Client Engagement Leader will work with you and your team to implement the engagement. This might include:
    • Visit(s) to your location(s).
    • Distance planning and support via teleconference and web meeting.
    • Several scrums to ensure the engagement is unfolding as desired and that the team is improvising where appropriate.
  1. When your engagement is complete:
    • Your Client Engagement Leader will follow up within 6 months to provide coaching and troubleshoot any challenges.
    • Now that you are a member of the Stage-Gate International family, you can always tap into our community of innovation leaders, practitioners, users and resources for continued success. You have ongoing access to our articles, public seminars, practitioner networking events and more.

When you work with Stage-Gate International you always have a partner for wherever your journey takes you next.

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