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Organizations of all sizes and industries around the world look to Stage-Gate International for help to improve their new product innovation and development success. Our diverse portfolio of products and services, innovation management experts, experienced implementation consultants, and reliable research has provided our clients with clarity and decisive execution leading to steady and sustainable growth. Are you ready to drive innovation excellence in your organization? Contact Us

What is the Stage-Gate Framework?

The Stage-Gate® Innovation Performance Framework® is a proprietary, science-based management model that provides visibility, oversight and best practices which enable organizational new product, service & technology innovation capability and success. Its purpose-built design is proven to systematically surface the highest potential opportunities to accelerate from early Stage concept to launch using a flexible process-based playbook with a transparent, options-based decision structure, via Gates. Learn More.

Get Ready for the Year of the Innovator

Generate Bold Ideas

by Drs. Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett

Best Seller

Lean Rapid Profitable NPD

Execute with Speed and Success

by Drs. Robert Cooper and Scott Edgett

Best Seller

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