Winning at New Products: Creating Value Through Innovation, 5th Edition

By Robert G. Cooper

Soft Cover | 448 pages
Published by Basic Books, 2017
Table of Contents

$24.99 US

Developing true innovations and bold new products is a challenge in today’s business environment. It leads many companies to shift toward smaller, less ambitious innovation attempts, and many executives asking themselves:

  • What distinguishes the top innovators from the rest?
  • How do leading innovators consistently launch successful new products?
  • What new product projects should my company focus on?

In this book, Robert G. Cooper reveals the common denominators of winning new products and what drives success. He also outlines the Stage-Gate Model, the most widely-used roadmap for successfully launching new products to market. Cooper also brings key insights on picking the right projects, on how top innovators have adapted the Stage-Gate process, and how you can be ‘Winning at New Products’. The fully revised 5th edition reflects Cooper’s most recent research and showcases innovative practices by industry leaders to present a field-tested game plan for achieving product leadership.

  • Discover the common denominators of winning new products
  • Develop and implement a winning playbook for your organization
  • Use strategic portfolio management techniques to translate innovation strategy into reality
  • Implement gatekeeping best practices to move the best projects forward
  • Build flexibility, adaptability and agility into your Stage-Gate process

Companies Referenced:

Cooper-Standard Automotive

Corning Glass
Exxon Chemical
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

ITT Industries
Kellogg Company

Mars Petcare
Procter & Gamble
W.L. Gore