Professional Services

Professional Services


Drive better performance results using the Stage-Gate® Innovation Performance Framework® – a proven, science-based approach for advancing organizational innovation capability to deliver profitable growth.  Developed from extensive benchmarking studies, the proprietary framework emphasizes and expertly integrates the 4 drivers of innovation performance.

Top performing companies are more likely to have all 4 Drivers


Clear Product + Technology Strategy


Effective Portfolio Optimization


Modern Stage-Gate® Processes


Strong Culture and Supporting Leadership


Stage-Gate® Innovation Performance Framework®

We tailor and implement an Innovation Management Framework to reveal and accelerate your organization’s unique potential

Every business has opportunities to improve their innovation performance and results.  Whether you are developing new technology, service or product innovations (physical, digital or hybrid) for the first time, are targeting specific improvements to your already high performance innovation program, or want to modernize by digitizing and integrating your innovation management processes and tools, we have a reliable solution that will work for you.

Make Significant Progress Quickly. Our Unique, Collaborative Approach.

Your time is valuable and results matter. You want to improve your innovation performance and you want the most effective approach that makes the most efficient use of your resources. This is where we excel.

Our proprietary Innovation Performance Playbook™ is an action-based facilitation toolkit that contains hundreds of validated prototypes to accelerate our work with you: best management practices, proven methods and processes, benchmarked metrics, templates, charts, tools, dashboards, checklists and real case examples.

Our experienced innovation professionals draw from the playbook to co-lead, facilitate, collaborate, customize and expertly guide your organization to make significant progress quickly and reliably.

The Innovation Performance Playbook

Addresses the 4 Drivers of Innovation Performance to Help You Isolate or Make Comprehensive Improvement

Product + Technology Strategy – creating clarity and direction for the visionary role of product innovation and technology to the business and enabling it through the strategic allocation of resources.

Discovery-to-Launch Processes – discovering quality concepts and shaping, surfacing and accelerating the best by right-sizing process rigor to risk, maximizing value creation activity and incrementally building cross-functional alignment and organization readiness with each Stage and Gate.

Portfolio Optimization – achieving visibility, balance and accountability structure for the mix of projects prioritized and funded to realize business and innovation goals within allocated budgets.

Culture Leadership – establishing and role modeling the desired commitment, discipline and behavior needed to achieve the learning organization that is continuously evolving and innovating to create exceptional value for customers and shareholders.

Outlines the 5 Stages Typical of Successful Organizational Transformation and Change To Help You Achieve One or All

Assess – An expert review of your organization’s approach to innovation by examining your performance, portfolio(s), processes, governance model(s), team structures, enabling tools and software.  A valuable step if you want to isolate or prioritize improvement opportunities, build alignment and readiness for change, or identify requirements to select project and portfolio management software, or calculate a cost benefit analysis.

Design – An expert application of the Stage-Gate® Innovation Performance Framework®, or specific aspects of it, uniquely customized for your organization’s goals, capability and internal systems. A valuable step when a new strategy is driving innovation, to accelerate cross-functional alignment before implementation, and to communicate software configuration requirements and scope when selecting new project and portfolio management software.

Digitize – An exclusive service to organizations sourcing software from a Stage-Gate® Ready Certified vendor. We coordinate and oversee your IT, R&D and software partner(s) to ensure your new Innovation Management Framework design is accurately interpreted and configured into your software application. A valuable step when you have a sophisticated innovation management framework that you want to automate, want to minimize software configuration costs, or want to expedite training by integrating new innovation best practices training together with software training.

Implement – A practical, customized plan to introduce your framework or ‘new way of working’ into your organization, enabling users and stakeholders to accelerate adoption. Emphasis is placed on highly interactive activities that simplify, engage and empower users and build momentum. A valuable step to accelerate innovation transformation and results.

SustainYou have an Innovation Management Framework and supporting software system that is delivering desired performance. Overseeing its execution to sustain this performance level may require impartial innovation experts to perform services such as Onboarding and Training new leaders, Process Coaching, leading Complex Innovation Projects and Innovation Roadmapping, or Facilitating Critical Portfolio Reviews, Gate Meetings and Post Launch Reviews.

Initiate a complimentary consultation to develop your optimal path to success.

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