Stage-Gate® Ready Certified Software

Digitize your innovation management processes and tools with confidence using the Stage-Gate® Ready Certification Program for software and implementation services. Developed by innovation and technology experts and practitioners, the program aims to simplify and streamline your search for a reliable software application by pre-qualifying a shortlist of vendors that have demonstrated innovation-enabling functionality and technology.

Stage-Gate Ready Certification

Stage-Gate® Ready Certified Software by Innovation Category

Disclaimer: Software solutions that have achieved Stage-Gate Ready Certification status provide the technology and functionality to enable a Stage-Gate Innovation Management Framework within their proprietary software application. Software is not certified to contain authentic or Generation 5 Stage-Gate best practice process content. Vendor is not certified on Stage-Gate Ready Implementation and Transformational Change.

The program is comprised of 2 components:

Certified Software: View a short-list of software that have successfully achieved Stage-Gate Ready Certification status by passing a rigorous, transparent evaluation against the Stage-Gate Ready Program’s 225+ criteria spanning 5 categories. To remain certified, vendors must demonstrate their continued commitment to innovation by updating software functionality to meet new Stage-Gate Ready Program criteria. Look for vendors displaying the Stage-Gate Ready logo, view the Stage-Gate Ready Directory or contact the Stage-Gate Ready Certification Program Manager to learn more about the 225+ criteria and Stage-Gate Ready Certification Report.

Certified Implementation: Software implementation projects are most vulnerable to failure during two critical points in their implementation:

  1. if the new innovation management framework is interpreted and configured into the software inaccurately,
  2. if the introduction of the new innovation management framework focuses too much on technical software and not enough on change management support to accelerate the adoption and enablement of the new innovation practices that drive real business results.

Our Certified Implementation Services are designed to prevent this failure from happening. Using a collaboration model exclusive to Stage-Gate Ready Certified software vendors and our Implementation Consultants, the complete project is coordinated and executed seamlessly, end-to-end.  Contact the Stage-Gate Ready Certification Program Manager to learn more about Certified Implementation Services and its exclusive collaboration model.

“To date, more than 500 companies have successfully digitized innovation using the Stage-Gate Ready Certification Program.”

– Dr. Scott J. Edgett, Innovation Management Expert and Co-founder of Stage-Gate International

Software Certification Categories

Idea-to-Launch Process

Idea-to-Launch Process Management: Certified software provides the functionality necessary to configure Stage-Gate® Process Best Practices, including cross-functional collaboration on priority activities through Stages and cross-functional decision-support and gatekeeping at the Gates.

Innovation Team Agility

Innovation Team Agility: Certified software provides the functionality to automate an innovation management framework that integrates widely implemented project management methodologies that focus on team-level agility (Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Spiral Development) in a Stage-Gate Model.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management: Certified software provides the functionality necessary to configure Portfolio Management decision support, analysis and display at each Gate and Strategic Portfolio Review.

Idea Management

Idea Management: Certified software provides the functionality to generate, capture, evolve, and evaluate new product project concepts and route them to an appropriate right-sized Stage-Gate Model.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy: Certified software provides the functionality to visualize a Product Innovation and Technology Strategy, store templates such as roadmaps and plans, facilitate decision-making, and communicate the Strategy to key stakeholders.

“We selected a software application that was Stage-Gate Ready Certified. It was reassuring to us to know that the world’s thought leaders in Product Innovation Management, Stage-Gate International, rigorously evaluated the software application to confirm it could support our Stage-Gate best practices.”

– Andres Salinas, VP Process Improvement
McKessen Provider Technologies

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