SG Benchmarker

Benchmarker™ is a holistic self-assessment approach that evaluates and reports on the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s innovation management framework. It captures the perspectives of key functions, roles, regions and business units, and accelerates alignment of your stakeholders on the highest innovation improvement priorities.

Benefits of Benchmarker™

  • A ready-to-use online evaluation of your organization’s product innovation performance across proven success drivers
  • An inclusive cross-functional self-evaluation approach that captures unique stakeholder perspectives across your innovation program
  • A comparative analysis of your innovation profile versus the world’s longest running, peer-reviewed and validated research database on product innovation management best practices

A Look Inside…

Assess Your Total Innovation Program Performance on the 4 proven drivers of the Stage-Gate® Innovation Performance Framework®: Product + Technology Strategy, Portfolio Optimization, Discovery-to-Launch Processes and Culture Leadership.

Analyse Performance Across 100+ Research-Proven Factors associated with successful product innovation to provide a point of reference for your organization to pinpoint impactful improvements.

Fact-based, Quantitative Analysis of your organization’s current state of product innovation, and compares the results against top and average performers.

Receive an Actionable Executive Report that includes 40+ charts, visual interpretations, statistical comparisons, explanations and tips on how to leverage your benchmarking results. 

An Expert-facilitated Debrief of Results that engages your stakeholder team in though-provoking discussion that helps build consensus on your optimal path forward.

Accelerate Improvement by focusing your organization on making the changes that will have the maximum impact on your product innovation performance.

Gain Insights on What Matters Most

  • Performance on key business and project metrics
  • The degree of cross-functional and cross-level stakeholder alignment at your organization
  • The overall quality of your core innovation practices
  • Your organization’s current Innovation Management Framework maturity score
Benchmarker bar chart

Benefits of Conducting a Benchmarker™ Evaluation

  • Empowers business leaders with insights to improve performance and gain key stakeholder alignment
  • Identifies business unit innovation maturity and helps you influence the strategic value and direction of innovation
  • Identifies internal best performers and helps you share their innovation practices across your organization

Initiate a complimentary consultation to develop your optimal path to success.

Build support to make improvements to your innovation management framework with Benchmarker™.