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Impact results at your company by attending or hosting one of our world-class innovation training programs. Our learning programs introduce widely implemented innovation management frameworks and methodologies proven to drive successful product innovation.

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Stage-Gate Model Programs

Winning at New Products with Stage-Gate®

Winning at New Products with Stage-Gate®

A 1-day course based on our best selling book that introduced Stage-Gate to the world.

This course reviews ground-breaking benchmarking research that identifies the practices that define top performers.  It provides a step-by-step overview of the widely implemented Stage-Gate process including its unique Gate Governance design.

This course is suitable for those who are recommending a new product development methodology for their company, or leading/contributing to an important innovation project.

Customizing and Scaling Stage-Gate®

Customizing and Scaling Stage-Gate®

A 2, 3 or 4-day course based on our proven approach to customizing Stage-Gate for application to a company’s diverse portfolio of projects.

The course outlines a framework to guide your Stage-Gate customization so it aligns with your company culture, enables your innovation strategy, accelerates the diverse set of innovation projects you execute and advances your innovation capability maturity. A wide range of topics are introduced, including the 6 traits of a modern Stage-Gate process, that will help you gain a competitive advantage in product innovation.

This course is for those leading the introduction of a new or advanced Stage-Gate Process.


Using Stage-Gate® to Improve Your New Product Project Success

Using Stage-Gate® to Improve Your New Product Project Success

An interactive 2-day new product development skill-building workshop immerses participants in the practical experience of applying Stage-Gate to their project(s).

Proven Stage-Gate principles are introduced that form the foundation of the functional activities critical to success and cross-functional activities critical to speed. Teams learn how to prepare for gates and participate in a mock gate meeting.

This workshop is excellent for new product project leaders and their teams who want to impact project success by applying Stage-Gate.

Optional add-on training:

  • Developing a High Impact Product Definition: Discover the Basic 8 Framework tool for facilitating true cross-functional contribution and collaboration to rapidly iterate a winning product definition from the fuzzy front end, to development, to launch. (1-day)
  • Creating a Compelling Business Case: Follow this proven approach for evolving the Business Case to confirm the value of the project to the company from the early gates, to the money gate, to launch. (1-day)

Creating the Ultimate Gate Experience

Creating the Ultimate Gate Experience

A ½ or full day interactive and informative Stage-Gate leadership workshop focused on advanced decisions for project investments.

This workshop introduces genuine gate governance practices proven to drive results that participants apply to a project at a facilitated gate meeting.  Discover the in’s and out’s of gatekeeping, what effective gate meetings looks like, proven scoring criteria, and project prioritization methods.

This workshop is designed to engage cross-functional business leaders who make Go/Kill investment decisions on behalf of their business unit or company.

Innovation Management Programs

Driving Successful Product Innovation

Driving Successful Product Innovation

A 1-day consultative event that explores proven approaches to innovation management and how you can apply them to drive performance improvement at your company.

This program focuses on the 4 drivers of the Stage-Gate® Innovation Performance Framework®: Innovation Strategy, Portfolio Management, Culture Leadership, and Stage-Gate; and practices that impact results for each driver complete with performance benchmarks.  Discover what truly impacts new product success, what has worked at leading companies, and how you can apply this knowledge at your company to enhance your innovation capability.

This program is designed for executives who lead a product innovation program and want to impact strategic growth through new product introduction.


Strategic Portfolio Optimization for New Products

Strategic Portfolio Optimization for New Products 

A 2-day program focused on proven practices for managing a strategically aligned new product portfolio.

Discover a 5 step approach for facilitating the development of an innovation strategy. Get tips on how to lead more effective portfolio reviews.  Acquire knowledge of field-tested techniques for optimizing your new product portfolio so that you can guide your organization to invest in the right projects and drive long term business growth.

This program is excellent for Portfolio Managers who visualize and analyze R&D spending across the new product portfolio to facilitate strategic investment decisions.

Why Our Programs Are So Highly Rated

Stage-Gate International combines the best of conceptual knowledge and best practices with practical real world application. Whether a company is creating new products or services, or a team is contributing behind the scenes, our programs ensure that all participants leave with the ingredients necessary to make an immediate impact on innovation performance and results. Obtain answers to difficult questions, stretch your thinking, apply your learning, equip yourself with the skills to successfully execute new product development.

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