Colin Palombo,
Managing Partner

Stage-Gate International has proven through benchmarking research that a company’s innovation management framework is a strong predictor of world-class innovation performance. No one implements this into a corporate setting better than Colin Palombo. Colin partners with chief innovation officers and business leaders to help them achieve better business results by strengthening their innovation frameworks, processes and enabling systems.

Colin is an expert in innovation management best practices and uses his experience in organization design and change management to craft unique Frameworks that engage leaders, align diverse functions, and mobilize teams to realize their full potential innovating new products, services and technologies.

This broad practice covers a diverse set of services assessing, customizing and implementing Stage-Gate Innovation Management Frameworks. These include Innovation Strategies, Idea Generation Programs, Portfolio Management, Resource Allocation, Culture, along with supporting function-specific processes such as Design Thinking, Jobs-to-be-Done VoC, Lean Startup, Open Innovation and Agile Development.

If you are ready to improve the way your Business Unit or Company manages new product innovation, or are ready to digitize your innovation processes, reach out to Colin for good advice.

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