Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Stage-Gate International is a pioneer in the field of product innovation management. For 35+ years, we have remained devoted to investigating 1000’s of new product, service and technology launches and the innovation practices in place at 1000’s of companies. Our mission: to identify the proven drivers of product innovation success, and to develop them into reliable and practical frameworks, methods, and tools. We have developed the world’s largest body of knowledge and database of innovation best practices and have published 100s of articles in peer reviewed journals. Visit our library of innovation resources below. If you see what you like, give us a call. We would love to work with you.

Our methodologies, when implemented, foster a culture of experimentation, collaboration, smart risk-taking and innovation business acumen that help companies succeed at innovation. Discover our rich history and our most popular methodologies in this complimentary resource-rich innovation library. Learn about our future projects by subscribing to our newsletter.

Innovation Resource Library

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